When Piglet turned 2 at the end of February he started trying to exert his independence almost immediately (hello terrible two’s!). Gone is my compliant little boy who will happily hold my hand as we walk down the street and sit nicely in a high chair to eat a meal. He snatches his hand away from me and demands to sit in a seat like a big boy.

Sitting independently was one thing I was wanting to encourage – especially if it would mean he was more likely to eat properly! Of course at just 2 years old he’s not actually big enough to just sit on a normal seat without a booster, and so we decided to give the Safety 1st Wooden Highchair a try to see if Piglet would like it.

Safety 1st Wooden Highchair Review https://oddhogg.com

The highchair is designed to grow with your baby, so it is suitable from 6 months to around 10 years old. You start out with straps to keep you baby in the seat, a bumper bar and removable tray. You can remove these items as your child grows, and adjust the height of the seat to 1 of 4 positions and the foot rest to 1 of 8 positions so it is really adaptable for the set up you need.

I’ll admit to being a little taken aback when we opened the box and discovered just how many pieces there were to put together when you first get the chair. I am accustomed to an element of building but I hadn’t realised I was going to be starting from scratch!

Safety 1st Wooden Highchair Review | Chair straight out of the box https://oddhogg.com

In reality, it wasn’t overly complex but I still roped JHogg in to do it as my bump gets in the way of that sort of thing! There was a bit of trial and error to find the set up that is right for Piglet at this time. We knew he wasn’t going to need the tray or the straps, but initially decided to put the bumper bar on to stop him from falling forwards.

We soon discovered the bumper bar wasn’t needed, and that we had the seat too high for Piglet. The great thing is that it only takes 2 minutes to make the adjustments we wanted for Piglet to be comfortable.

Safety 1st Wooden Highchair Review | Chair Set Up https://oddhogg.com

Piglet is really loving his big boy seat. He climbs up himself, and back down again. He gets annoyed at me if I ask him if I can help, which suits me fine as I am glad not to be lifting him too much while I am pregnant! If I tell him we’re going to have some food he runs over to the seat and climbs up, sitting and waiting for me to push him in to the table. The little monkey has even used it to help him climb up to access the fruit bowl to steal apples!

Safety 1st Wooden Highchair Review | Piglet in the high chair eating https://oddhogg.com

I love that the seat is easy to wipe clean. There aren’t any creases or crevices for dropped food to hide and it doesn’t take me a minute to clean it after each meal. It is really perfect for the stage we are at right now, but I can see how it would also be great in the early weaning stages too.

I just have 1 issue – and that is that we don’t have a 2nd seat for when the next little guy is ready to wean, because I’m sure Piglet will still be getting great use out of it then and for years to come!

Safety 1st Wooden Highchair Review | Chair next to table https://oddhogg.com

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