Who's responsibility is it to take photos of your family? Should we be relying on dads to take more pictures of mums with their children? Or should we all put the cameras down and just enjoy the moment oddhogg.com

Recently a Huffington Post article has been doing the rounds which urges Dads to take more photos of their partners with their children. The post brings up how many women have very few photos of themselves with their children and how “No woman wants to look back at a lifetime of selfies”.

Initially, this struck a chord with me. JHogg is not awful at taking photos, and I would say he is more inclined to do it now that Piglet is here. That doesn’t stop me wishing he did it more though, that all those candid shots that others seem to get would be possible for us too though.

The more I thought about it, the more I considered that maybe the Dads are doing it right? They’re not focused on having a phone or camera in their hand “just in case”. They sit back and enjoy the moment.

Before the days of camera phones, a day out was just that. A day out. We didn’t stop to snap a picture of our lunch and post it online. No passenger seat selfies. No “oh look what a wonderful time we’re having” updates. You simply left the house and had fun.

Going even further back, before digital cameras. You didn’t just snap willy-nilly hoping that one shot was good. You paid for each picture you took. You made sure you were only taking photos of things you really wanted.

I am totally guilty of all of this. My phone is always in my hand, I take photos constantly. Most are garbage but some are great.

The reality is we will not look back on about 80% of those photos. There are so many that it would take too long to reflect on them all individually. So are they necessary?

Perhaps if we took less photos, or worried less about taking photos, we could enjoy the moment more? Rather than moaning that you’re not in the pictures, put your camera down and have fun with your family instead?

I’m not saying there’s not a time and place for taking pictures, but it really shouldn’t be the focus of our day.

And if you really want your other half to take the picture – just ask!

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