I always looked forward to being a mum. I loved the idea of spending time with my children, both at home and out and about, and the last 4 years of being a parent have been great. There’s only one thing that I dreaded, and it still makes me shudder now. Crafting.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the little things that the boys make for me. I just don’t enjoy being the one to help them make them. Glue, painting and Play Doh all bring me out in a cold sweat and I get stressed about mess and cleaning up. I think I’ve found the perfect solution though! The kids are growing up in a technology filled world – so why not make use of that to do our crafts?

With Mother’s Day just around the corner the boys and I have been playing with Monogram Maker to design simple motifs that we can print on to cards. Mess free but still personal – it’s my kind of creative activity.

What Is Monogram Maker?

Monogram Maker pretty much does what it says in the name – it’s an online monogram designer. You can create your own motifs using whichever letters you choose, add backgrounds and frames for a unique monogram.

Once you’ve made your monogram you can print it on to whatever you want. Labels for your personal items, headed paper for your business or, like us, to make personalised cards.

Making A Monogramed Mother’s Day Card

Using Monogram Maker to design a card was really easy. It can be done in just 3 steps – and is really simple to alter it if you change mind. A regular occurrence when you’re doing it with kids!

Step 1 – Select Your Letters

The first step in designing a monogram is to pick which letters you’re going to include. There are loads different fonts to choose from and the number of letters you want to include, some more modern and others intricate and ornate. Some of the fonts can only have 2 letters included and others as many as you like.

Piglet and I decided to use A and J, the first initial for both of the boys names. I really like the more ornate fonts, but Piglet preferred the simpler ones.

A screenshot of a computer screen where a monogram is being made using the letters A and J Related Post: Little Brian Paint Sticks

Step 2 – Select A Frame

We spent ages playing with frames. There were classic frames that can be used for any occasion, or some themed for certain celebrations such a Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day. When I think of monograms I think of classic black and white, but there was a wide range of colour frames to choose from. A red Santa’s hat, pink toadstools or even a unicorn.

Piglet chose a brightly coloured rainbow – no surprise to me at all! Since it has 2 sections for adding a letter I created 2 single letter monograms using a layer each. It was really easy to get them in to location on the frame and resize them to fit perfectly in the circles. You can toggle between the layers using a function on the right hand side, and that way you can move things to the front or push them back as required.

A rainbow made up of 3 colours with the letters A and J at the ends

Step 3 – Select A Background

If you want, you can add a background to your monogram. This would be really useful for other uses, but since we wanted to print it on to a card I wanted to keep our monogram on a white background.

All you then have to do is click save and select the file size you would like, and your monogram is ready! It can now be printed on to card, and if you feel like it you could add some extra touches too. Maybe even some glitter….. or not!

A mothers day card with a rainbow on it and A and J monogrammed Related Post: New Mum Gift Guide

Other Monogram Uses

Cards For Every Occasion

There are lots of other occasions a monogram could be used to make a unique and personal car. Monogram Maker has frames and fonts for pretty much every occasion. A quick flick through the frames and your mind will soon be racing with ideas.

4 monograms, each in a different theme of frame

Business Logos

JHogg and I are both self employed, and for us branding is really important. It is the first impression of your company, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive logos. Create your own in Monogram Maker and use it on your invoices, website and correspondence to ensure you always look professional. There are hundreds of options to make it suit your personal brand.

5 monograms as examples of potential business logos

This post was sponsored by Monogram Maker.