In the last week Piglet has started to find it pretty tough to fall asleep. He’s gone from the most easy going little chap to a squirming, crying, tired little boy! Once he’s asleep and in his cot he’s pretty good at staying asleep, it’s just the falling asleep that is tough.

We haven’t changed anything about his bedtime routine. Up until now I’ve always been able to put him down drowsy but awake! I’m not sure if this is a sleep regression or if it could be related to some teething. I had heard of the 4 month sleep regression, but we seemed to skip that. 4 months came and went but Piglet was still maintaining his model sleeper status! I do wonder though that since he was a month premature his “corrected” age is 4 months so this could be us hitting it now?

OddHogg Sleep Regression Cuddles

All of a sudden my little guy wants cuddled and rocked to sleep. I’ve questioned whether he is actually tired and taken him downstairs to chill out for a bit longer, but he’s so tired he just wants held. So thats not helpful!

On Sunday he hadn’t napped by 12pm – despite usually napping for an hour to 2 hours in the morning. I tried to put him down for almost 2 hours but he was having none of it. He gets himself so worked up that he’s a right snotty, sweaty mess! So we dropped what we were doing and stuck him in the pram to get out of the house.

He was happy as larry on the walk, smiling and laughing away. Typical eh! He fell asleep just as we were reaching home and I thought we were finally on to a winner. We got in the door and he slept long enough for me to snap a photo before waking up again. Fabulous.

OddHogg Sleep Regression Pram NapRather than sleep regression it could be teething. Hands are firmly in his mouth at every possible moment, and he woke one day with a rather swollen face. He doesn’t seem too sore though and I haven’t had to give him any calpol yet, so I’m not convinced its the root of the problem.

They’re fickle things these babas! Just when I thought we had a good thing going he’s changed it up again. Here’s hoping he gets back into his groove again soon. Until then, we shall snuggle.

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