When Piglet was born he was encouraged to suck his thumb or take a dummy by the neonatal nurses. As he was being tube fed they said it was good for him to practice the sucking action for when he was able to feed normally. I preferred he took a dummy, and didn’t really think anything of it.

Fast forward to 12 weeks old. Piglet is no longer a teeny newborn. I’m no longer swaddling him at night and he’s a right little squirmer. He loves a dummy…… but he drops them. The second they fall out of his mouth he’s hollering for it to be put back in. He can’t get it back in himself so I spend my nights up and down to his moses sorting him out.

That has been my life ever since. At 4 months old I was desperate for him to work it out for himself so I started searching the internet. I came across the Sleepytot toys and couldn’t believe something so simple might rescue my sleep!

Sleepytot Bunny

The toys are simple. Stuffed animals with velcro hands and feet which can grab on to cot bars, buggy straps and (most importantly) dummies! The idea is you attache a dummy to one (or all) of the feet and then you little one can locate it themselves and pop it back in their mouth. Simple enough!

I opted for the small Sleepytot bunny in grey from Amazon.  When I purchased it Piglets hand eye coordination still wasn’t great so I didn’t have high hopes of him being able to use it. The idea was it would make it easier for me to find in the dark, rather than turning on a light and risking waking Piglet up further.

I’ll be honest – it started off as a complete shambles. The bunny gave Piglet more leverage to yank the dummy, so that was a bit of a fail. What I opted to do was have 2 dummies on the bunny, but start the nap off with an unattached dummy in his mouth. That seemed to do the trick and I shrugged off the Sleepytot fail.

However, the bunny has become a firm favourite of Piglets. He has to have it in his hand when he goes to bed, often burying his face into it. As the weeks passed he had the odd time where he somehow got the dummy to his mouth. It wasn’t consistent, but it was a start.

So 6 weeks after we got the bunny, where are we now?


It’s finally earning its keep! Piglet will use it about 30% of the time to find his dummy himself, and I’m hoping that will improve further as he gets older.


I try to give him time during the day with play with it, and quite a few time I’ve noticed him taking the dummy in and out of his mouth repeatedly. So he knows what to do! When in bed he sometimes uses the bunny as a bit of a pillow. It is always in his hand as he tries to get himself off to sleep and seems to provide him with quite a lot of comfort.

Despite our wobble at first I would highly recommend the Sleepytot bunny. I can see that the benefits are still to come for us as Piglet grows and I’m glad its on hand to help him out. I hope it will help with the transition away from dummies too, as he will still have his bunny to cuddle with. Now to purchase a spare!

At a Glance

  • Cost: £9.99 for a small one
  • Where: Amazon or direct from Sleepytot
  • Quality: High
  • Recommendation: High

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