Solo Parenting

Two weeks ago crisis hit. We’re a man down and I’ve been going it solo parenting Piglet. JHogg is here in spirit, but he’s been about as useful as a chocolate tea pot. He had an emergency trip to a&e for a suspected dislocated shoulder, a follow up for an X-ray (which resulted in one of many overpacking incidents), GP appointments and a steroid shot. It turns out it wasn’t dislocated again – thankfully!! – but instead is a bad impingement. His right arm has been out of action for nearly a fortnight, and although it is starting to improve, it will probably be a while before he full recovers.

Over the course of the fortnight these are the struggles we’ve had:

  • Not being able to hold Piglet. He can have him sat in his left arm, but if Piglet slips then he’s not able to lift him up again.
  • Changing nappies. He’s gotten off with doing NO nappies for a fortnight. Not one. He claims he sees no way he can manage with one hand and unfortunately I have to agree.
  • Bedtime help. I am accustomed to putting Piglet to bed – I am the one with the boobs after all. However with his current sleep regression it is taking longer than usual. Normally JHogg would have been able to help me out by starting dinner but it just wasn’t possible. We have had dinner at 10pm a few times which has been less than pleasant!
  • In the 2nd week JHogg felt able to go back to work, but he isn’t able to drive. I have been running a taxi service to and from his office morning and night. It is around an hours round trip in rush hour, with a hot and grumpy Piglet in the back. On every trip he has had a screaming match at one point or another. JHogg has been sitting in the back with him when he can to try and keep him entertained. On a few occasions we’ve arrived to pick JHogg up and he hasn’t been ready which has just prolonged the situation. I’ll be glad when that is over!
Solo Parenting

Waiting for Daddy outside the Physio. Corn puff entertainment

  • The housework has been a bit backlogged. I’ve always been under the impression that JHogg didn’t do much around the house, but he must do something because I feel like I’ve been chasing my tail trying to keep the house clean and tidy.

Its been a tough old fortnight. Hats off to all of those who go it alone parenting every day – you’re incredible! All thats been keeping me going is knowing that one day (soon I hope!) we will get back to normal.

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