My whole life I have been guilty of choosing comfort over style. If I don’t feel comfortable in an outfit I can pretty much guarantee I won’t wear it. During this lockdown though I am living the dream when it comes to comfort. With no where to go and no one to see I could just wear my PJs all day – but I do feel that getting up and dressed is important when it comes to having a structure to your day.

Just because you’ve gotten dressed doesn’t mean you can be comfortable though. I have been living in loungewear, it makes me feel like I’ve gotten dressed but it’s just as comfortable as pyjamas. This black set comes with black leggings – a wardrobe staple – and a black oversized t-shirt. I’ve been wearing them together but you could wear them separately if all black is not your thing.

A woman lying on a bed with white sheets on it. She is wearing black loungewear and looking at her mobile phone
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I’ve always been a girly-girl at heart and so a pair of pink joggers is right up my street. Super soft and pale pink they pair nicely with a white tank top in the warmer weather we’ve been having. They’re perfect for pulling my trainers on and taking the boys out for a short walk to stretch our legs and shake off the cabin fever. If you want to dress them up a bit more you could replace the tank top with a corset or bodysuit, or stick to a simple cropped t-shirt if casual is more your thing.

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It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing on the bottom, a simple white t-shirt goes with pretty much everything. Jeans, joggers, leggings or a skirt. Under dungarees or an open shirt – I use them all the time! I like my white t-shirts to have a higher neckline to stop the kids hanging off them, like this one, and the roll sleeved detail adds a nice touch.

A girl standing in front of a fence, wearing a white t-shirt and jeans with her hand in her pocket
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Not everyone is just sitting round at home though! I have been working from home for almost 4 years now so I think I’ve just about mastered the art of video conference calls from home. Assuming you’ll be staying in your seat, you can get away with just doing your hair and make-up and popping on a nice top. I love the bell cuff detail on this black bow top, giving an air of professionalism and style while the stretchy material keeps me comfortable. No one ever knows if I have on jeans, leggings or just my PJs on with it – because it can’t be seen!

A girl in a black bow top and jeans standing in front of a fence
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It’s been easy to keep comfortable so far during lockdown – but I can’t help but look forward to more warmer weather so I can get out some summer dresses too.

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