A woman wearing an all black tracksuit is sitting in the corner of a sofa with her legs curled up and is smiling at something on her phone

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We’re still here. Still staying at home. Scotlands lockdown 2.0 has felt a lot harder than the first, I think largely due to the weather, but there is a little glimmer of hope in sight. If all goes to plan, my children will be returning to nursery and preschool at the end of the month and I know that little touch of normality for them will make a world of difference. That is still a few weeks until then though, and until then I will be found at home rocking my lockdown style!

A woman wearing a cream long sleeved body suit, high waisted light denim jeans and a brown belt. She has a medtronic insulin pump clipped to her belt. She has a hand in one pocket and is smiling, looking slightly away from the camera
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I always start the day with great intentions. I know if I get up and get ready for the day I will feel better and more productive. It’s not a magic wand to stop me losing patience with the kids, but I’ll try anything that might help even a little bit. One of my favourites at the moment is a ribbed cream bodysuit with high waisted jeans. The look is fairly effortless, but I’m still comfortable and there’s plenty stretch in the bodysuit for when I’m playing with the kids (or sneaking middle of the afternoon snacks).

By late afternoon things tend to start to unravel in our house. I’ve had enough and feel like I’m just waiting for JHogg to finish work, and the kids start bouncing off the walls a bit. That is usually when we resort to a kitchen dance party to try and dance all of the grumps out and get us in a better mood for the rest of the evening.

The torso of a woman wearing a black t-shirt and pink and white tie-dye joggers
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This usually prompts a change in outfit for me. Sick of jeans that don’t really fit (I need to get back on the spin bike) I prefer to grab a pair of comfy joggers and a plain t-shirt. My pink tie-dye joggers add a bit colour while I try and keep the mood bright. I can fully involved in the dance session with no tight clothes restrictions, and the kids love to be picked up and spun aroud.

A woman wearing an all black tracksuit is sitting in the corner of a sofa with her legs curled up and is smiling at something on her phone
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Eventually the kids go to bed and I can finally catch my breath. I usually change my clothes again (can you see a pattern here) but this is when I go into maximum loungewear mode. Nothing can be too comfortable and any sort of practicality is discarded. A current favourite is my all black loungewear set. The oversized crew neck jumper is super soft and keeps me comfortable while I chill out a bit, and the cuffed black joggers and nice and comfortable with plenty space in the pockets for my insulin pump.

This might be my routine for now but I’m hoping that one day soon things will change, and I’ll be back to wearing all the clothes I love.

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