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Years ago, before I had kids or had met JHogg, I used to live in Edinburgh. It was my home for 5 years, and although I have been in Aberdeen for 9 years now, Edinburgh remains one of my favourite cities to visit. JHogg and I planned to spend our 5th wedding anniversary there last March but of course it was cancelled last minute. We are more than ready to get back now, and since we already have a trip to Center Parcs booked for next month it just makes sense to stop in Edinburgh on the way back home.

Things To Do In Edinburgh With Kids

I’m really looking forward to the chance to show the boys my favourite parts of the city. Of course our main stop will be the zoo. I’m hoping for dry weather so we can have a full day at it. I last went with friends in the summer of 2015 to one of their Zoo nights, one too many Pimms and a visit to the penguins made for a fun night! So going back with the children should be a lot of fun. There are lots of other things to do in Edinburgh too though, so if the weather isn’t up to scratch we can probably come up with a back up plan fairly quickly.

A tiger looking straight at the camera
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What To Wear In May

If history is anything to go by, I’m hoping we’ll have some good weather this May. It would really help us get in to the holiday mood and enjoy the options we have for holidays here in the UK. I’ve got a few items that I want to wear while we’re away, like this tie-dye t-shirt. I like the oversized style, and since I’m short I tie it with a hair bobble at the front and tuck it under. If the weather cooperates I’ll be able to pair it with a pair of cute denim shorts too. My new favourite though is the shacket, which I would be silly not to take in case the weather turns colder.

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Edinburgh Hotels

The first part of our holiday is self catered, but we are looking at hotel options for in Edinburgh. I was a bit nervous at first, but having had my covid vaccination and the case rates being fairly low at the moment I think a hotel is a safe and affordable option for us. We last stayed in a hotel as a family in May 2019 when we visited the Novotel York Centre and a lot has changed since then. The boys are older and I don’t think bedtimes will be quite so easy. But on the other hand it will be an adventure for them, and I hope give them some lovely memories.

A double bed in a hotel room in Novotel York Centre, with a tree wallpaper behind it
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Their is a Holiday Inn next to the Zoo, which is looking like a current favourite – largely due to the parking available onsite and near by. I would love to stay more central so we could just walk into town or out for dinner but parking is very difficult in central Edinburgh. Wherever we stay I’m sure we’ll have fun!

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