It may be August, but the recent heat wave has proven that summer isn’t over yet! It has been hot hot hot – even here in Scotland – and as usual I don’t feel like I was properly prepared for it. When I am on holiday and lounging around in a bikini, but at home where I’ve got chores to do and places to be I often find myself being a bit of a sweaty mess.

Thankfully, Femme Luxe Finery have sent me a selection of tops that will help to beat the heat and keep cool when it’s needed most.

A woman in a tie dye sleeveless t-shirt, leaning towards the camera and smiling.
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I love the bright colours in the tie dye top. It has padded shoulders, and is slightly cropped so you can show a little bit of belly without feeling like you’re letting it all hang out. The padded shoulders makes it look as though the sleeves of the t-shirt are tucked in, when really there aren’t any. The lightweight material makes it comfortable and cool when the sun is out, but with a bit of coverage on your shoulders which you don’t get in strapy tops. I have paired it with denim shorts to finish the look.

A side view of a woman in a cropped white t-shirt and jeans
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More of a bold more for me is this white cropped t-shirt. I can be quite self conscious of my stomach, but when I wear high waisted shorts it is only a small part of it that can be seen which makes me much more comfortable. If it is warm but not completely hot then the shorts can be replaced with high waisted jeans. I love the simplicity of a plain white t-shirt, and it can be simply dressed up with a pair of heels and a statement necklace.

A woman wearing a tie dyed oversized t-shirt and striped skirt with her arms raised above her head.
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Although we have the odd super hot day, they are few and far between here. I don’t often have the chance to wear shorts unless we are on holiday, usually preferring a loose dress or skirt for comfort. This purple tie dyed oversized t-shirt is great just left loose, but I like to tie the front using a hair bobble and create a slightly cropped look with a skirt. The colours are cool and don’t let me over heat when out in the sun, and the oversized style lets air flow and keeps me cool.

A side view of a woman in a slightly cropped yellow oversized t-shirt. She  has one hand on her hip and the other reaching up to touch her sunglasses
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Last up is this cropped oversized yellow t-shirt, which I think is one of my favourite summer tops. The crop is only ever so small, so you can only really tell when you lift your arms. I have been wearing it teemed with jeans most of the time, but when the sun came out I quickly made the switch to denim shorts and it worked great. I felt covered from the sun but without clingy clothes making me overheat in the sun.

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