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A few months ago I wrote about our experiences of swimming in the school holidays with multiple toddlers. Although the kids enjoyed themselves it is a complete logistical nightmare an general stress for us.

So naturally…… we did it again.

Since the summer holidays ended Piglet and 2 of his bigger cousins have been in swimming lessons. There has been general improvement across the board. Although in Piglet’s case, “improvement” is gauged based on the fact he has learnt to splash and seems to vaguely enjoy the water.

We went off on a big family holiday where we were all in and out of the water regularly. We knew the regular swimming will have helped build up their confidence, so once we returned and it was the half term break we knew we didn’t want to wait a fortnight to get them back in the water again.

So there we were, at possibly the most popular pool in Aberdeen, in the middle of the school holidays.

We had learnt a few lessons from last time. The kids club swimming is in the morning so we went in the afternoon when the child to adult ratio is a bit more even. Unfortunately, this meant it also clashed with nap time for two of our boys. We also made sure we had one adult for each sprog so we could avoid the use to arm bands where possible.

Once I had gotten a rather snoozy and grumpy Piglet changed and into the pool the fun began! He was straight away splashing his aunt in the face and making sure she was thoroughly wet! His Biggest cousin was launching himself off the side for Granny to catch. A few months ago it would have taken him half an hour or so in the water to get the confidence to jump but not now!

So that just left my younger nephew. He’s not a keen swimmer. In fact hates the whole process. Although he’s in a different class, he goes to the same lessons that I take Piglet to so I know some of the songs and activities they do. A quick rendition of humpty dumpty for him to “fall” into the pool and he was getting into the swing of things. Until he decided to take the opportunity to run off when he was on the edge of the pool!

The pool has a wave machine, much to all the boys delight. After being introduced to the sea on holiday the older two were happy to jump in the waves. Piglet and I sat right on the edge and he screeched at the others to tell them he was having fun. Thankfully it is a pretty loud pool!

While we were sitting at the edge I popped Piglet down to sit between my legs. I realised after a little while that he was sitting unsupported! I couldn’t believe that of all places he chose the swimming pool to sit for the first time.

We had been having a pretty good time in the water. Piglet had been in for about an hour which is much longer than usual for him. He’d had enough so I took him out to get showered and changed….. and it all went rapidly downhill.

We had to queue for the showers, which were cold anyway. And then there were no baby changing cubicles available. Cue me trying to dry and dress a screaming Piglet in a teeny tiny cubicle on the floor. He decided he wanted fed NOW and couldn’t possibly wait another 5 minutes. So I ditched any thoughts of washing my own hair and bolted for the door.

All in, I think it was a better trip than our last experience. And at least it was warmer than the pool on holiday!

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