Last week JJ was 5 months old, and we celebrated with an exciting delivery from Taf Toys. I am going to be working with them over the next 6 months to bring you reviews of a variety of their products, all tested out by JJ as he grows.

Due to his early arrival, JJ’s corrected age is 4 months. He may be starting to look more like a “baby” and less like a newborn, but developmentally he doesn’t do very much and I often joke that he just lies there like a potato. He has rolled over once, and to be honest I’m not convinced that it wasn’t just a mistake, but the rest of the time he just lies there and barely lifts his head. With that in mind, I just had to choose the Taf Toys Developmental Pillow as our first item to review.

The pillow is designed to help your baby to enjoy tummy time. The ergonomic design supports baby’s chest so they can practice raising their neck while still having free movement of their arms. It comes with a cute animal design on one side and a super soft material on the other, plus it has a detachable teether and rattle.


JJ tends to treat any attempts to place him on his stomach in one of two ways. He either screams like you’re trying to murder him, irate that you would dare to put him down, or his simply lies his head down and tries to go for a kip. We seemed to be missing that middle ground, and I’ll admit I don’t put him on his stomach for tummy time often enough because of that.

Unsurprisingly, I was a little wary of his reaction when I placed him on the pillow for the first time. I knew he wouldn’t be able to lie his head down so I suspected that rage would be his reaction, so I played it safe by giving it a go after he had taken a nap and had a sleep. I shouldn’t have worried though, as he was quite happy!

Taf Toys Developmental Pillow Review | JJ on the pillow

I had the teether attached and he seemed quite intrigued by it. His hand-eye coordination has improved drastically in the last week so he was able to reach for it and grasp it without help. Although it is a cute addition to the pillow, it is suitable from birth but I don’t think many younger babies would be able to make much use of it while it’s on the pillow. It is detachable though, so I’m sure it would get played with off the pillow as they get older.

Taf Toys Developmental Pillow Review | Playing with the teether

The pillow is designed to be suitable for use on any surface. I have placed JJ on it on both carpet and on our laminate floor. The laminate made things a bit more slippy when he kicked his legs around, so although it is technically suitable for use on it I think my preference is to use it on carpet or a play mat.

Taf Toys Developmental Pillow Review | From above

Over the last few days JJ has been playing on the pillow for around 10 minutes at a time, which is amazing as previously I’d been lucky to get even 1 minute out of him. The pillow retails around around £16.99 which I think it really quite reasonable, and it can be purchased from Boots or Amazon.

I was sent a Developmental Pillow for the purposes of carrying out this review. All words and opinions are my own.

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