The hairy Hogg in our household is our dog, Rodney the puggle. This post shares some pictures of our pet and having him around babies and children

Back in 2012 we had our first baby. He had us up through the night, we had to clean up his mess, he was just like any normal baby. Except a bit more hairy.

And a Puggle.

Rodney - The Hairy Hogg

A Puggle is a cross between a Pug and a Beagle. Their looks can really vary and so we think we are quite lucky with ours. With his wrinkly extra skin he looked like a little old man even as a puppy, so we called him Rodney.

We had pick of the litter and we chose the most timid puppy thinking it would be nice to have a nice, quiet, chilled out pooch. We got that totally wrong! Once he was removed from his bully brother Rodney got his confidence and has been running riot ever since.

Hairy Hogg

He used to look so peaceful when he slept. Now he snores so badly I’m surprised it hasn’t caused an earthquake! While upstairs feeding Piglet in the night I have the backing track of his snores rumbling up from the floor below. He’s lucky I love him!

He’s changed a lot from his puppy days. He stocky but not overly big. I regularly get asked if he’s a Boxer puppy, but he’s now nearly 4 years old so his puppy days are long gone!

Hairy Hogg

 I love having him around. He’s my company during the day, although since Piglet has come along he’s taken to retreating to the safety of his crate a lot! Unless I’m feeding Piglet, then he’s quick to join us in the kitchen to catch the dropped food.

Since the day we got him Rodney has had regular contact with babies and toddlers from our various nieces and nephews. He knows when he’s not meant to touch certain things (but that doesn’t mean he won’t do it behind your back!). He is fully aware who he can sneak up and steal food from! And he knows they’re often good for snuggling up to if you catch them in the right mood.

Of course he is never left alone with little ones – no matter how good natured a dog seems they can easily get a fright from unpredictable toddlers!

I’m excited for Piglet to grow up with a dog. He already shows an interest in Rodney, reaching out for him when he comes into the room. I generally keep the separated at the moment but I hope that one day in the future they’ll be the best of friends.

The Hairy Hogg

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