For a bit of fun I managed to coax JHogg into doing the husband tag with me. It is basically a set of questions that you ask your other half to see how well they know you. I am constantly telling JHogg that I know he doesn’t listen to me when I talk – and I think doing this tag as proved that!

I have shared the questions we used below, in case you want to give it a go yourself. The video shows how he got on. Be sure to watch it all the way to the end if you want a bit of a laugh at the outtakes!

The Husband Tag | A bit of silliness with the other half! A list of questions he had to answer about me - watch all the way to the outtakes to get a little glimpse into our relationship

  1. Where did we meet?
  2. How long did we date before getting married?
  3. What is my favourite colour?
  4. What is my favourite food?
  5. What is my favourite tv show?
  6. What food do I not like?
  7. What shoe size do I wear?
  8. What is my favourite type of sandwich?
  9. If I could eat only one thing every day what would it be?
  10. What is my favourite cereal?
  11. What is my favourite style of music?
  12. What is my eye colour?
  13. What is my heritage/Where am I from?
  14. Did I play any sports?
  15. If you baked me a cake what kind would I like?



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