I don’t know about you, but I blinked and missed summer. It’s never super hot here in the north east of Scotland, but I can only recall a handful of warm days this year. Thankfully I like autumn and all that it brings – but I’m not so keen on winter.

Winter brings lots of cold and wet weather and I often feel like I’m chasing my tail trying to keep us dry and the house warm! I’ve tried lots of things to keep us warm (and reduce our heating bills) so I’ve got them all here for you so you can do the same.

By taking all these tips on board you are likely to have a safe and warm house this winter. However, nothing is for certain and you can’t predict when disaster will strike. It is always worth having insurance to make sure you are protected financially for all those “just in case” scenarios.

Room Insulation

Everyone knows you need wall insulation, but what about the rest of the room? There are loads of areas in each room that you can add additional insulation to in order to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Most people have curtains or blinds on their windows – but have you tried both? We use blinds behind our curtains for maximum insulation on the windows. Plus, it works great to blacking out the sun in the kids rooms in the summer months too.

We love our wooden flooring through the kitchen and living room. It looks good and is easy to keep clean, but in the winter it’s cold on toes. We also have a basement so I know a lot of heat will be lost through the floor. We have a big rug filling the living room part of the room, it keeps the heat in and is cosy for the kids to sit and play on.

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Preemptive Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than realising you have a problem right at a crucial moment. Katy Kicker recommended that you be sure to turn on your heating before the time of year of the ‘big freezes’, to ensure that everything is working correctly in advance.

Before things get too cold you should clear out your guttering and drains to prevent leaks and flooding it snows heavily – or just with the regular winter rain. Thrifty Mum says a little bit of work now can save a lot of stress and expense later.

You waste so much money by heating a radiator that isn’t efficient. When your radiator is on, feel the bottom and top, if it is cold in some places and warm in others you may need to bleed them. Reduced Grub thinks this will bring them up to the most effective and economical way of heating your home, and it’s something we do regularly too.

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Temperature Control

We use Hive to keep our house at a fairly steady temperature. For us, that is 16 degrees during the day and 13 degrees overnight. Maintaining a minimum temperature ensures the pipes done freeze. Tattooed Tea Lady has been doing it since university and realised it doesn’t make the bills any higher.

This is also really important if you’re going away. Maintaining a steady temperature means your heating will likely come on at least once a day even for a short time, keeping the pipes clear and flowing and saving you from coming home to a burst pipe.

The Money Whisperer also recommends that you know where your stopcock is, so that if the worst happens and a frozen pipe does burst, you can shut off the water supply as quickly as possible.

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