I don’t know about you, but I blinked and missed summer. It’s never super hot here int he north east of Scotland, but I can only recall a handful of warm days this year. Thankfully I like autumn and all that it brings – but I’m not so keen on winter.

Winter brings lots of cold and wet weather and I often feel like I’m chasing my tail trying to keep us dry and the house warm! I asked around for the best tips for keeping your house safe and energy efficient over the cold months and this is what the community had to say!

Tips For A Safe & Warm Winter | Some ideas to make sure your home is energy efficient and safe before the winter months kick in https://oddhogg.com

By taking all these tips on board you are likely to have a safe and warm winter. However, nothing is for certain and you can’t predict when disaster will strike. It is always worth Chill Insurance to make sure you are protected financially for all those “just in case” scenarios.

We got these amazing insulated letter box surrounds! Sounds extreme but it made a huge difference to how much heat was lost by through the front door – Five Little Doves

Be sure to turn on your heating before the time of year of the ‘big freezes’, to ensure that everything is working correctly in advance – Katy Kicker

Clear out your guttering and drains to prevent leaks and flooding – Thrifty Mum

In University, it was part of my tenancy agreement to ensure that throughout winter, the heating was set to a minimum of 15 degrees, to ensure the pipes didn’t freeze and/or burst. It’s something that I’ve carried on doing since and it doesn’t make our bill any higher – Tattooed Tea Lady

Seal places that may allow warm air to leak from your home to your attic, such as around vent pipes, exhaust fans, chimneys, attic hatches, and light fixtures – The Home Makers Journal

Tips For A Safe & Warm Winter | Radiator https://oddhogg.com

If you go away, make sure you have the heating come on once a day to prevent the pipes freezing. It’s also advisable to get your boiler serviced at the end of the summer. That way, if there’s a problem, you can get it sorted before the winter kicks in – Household Money Saving

Know where your stopcock is so that if the worst happens and a frozen pipe does burst, you can shut off the water supply as quickly as possible – The Money Whisperer

You waste so much money by heating a radiator that isn’t efficient ! When your radiator is on, feel the bottom and top, if it is cold in some places and warm in others you may need to bleed them. This will bring them up to the most effective and economical way of heating your home – Reduced Grub

If you plan on using a real fire, have the chimney swept before use to ensure it is safe and not leaking or blocked. Similarly, have the boiler checked annually. There’s no point being warm and toasty if you’re slowly being poisoned by carbon monoxide – Family Makes

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