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Top Tips For Visiting Orlando

The title says it all really – we are going to Disney World! Yes I know the boys are too young to understand it or remember it later, but who said this trip is for the children? I’m often asked my tips for visiting Orlando for first timers, and although this will be the boys first trip it isn’t for me.

I am a major Disney fan, I always have been and I imagine I always will be. I have been to Orlando 4 times already and I can’t wait to go back again this time. One of the real benefits of going multiple times is knowing exactly what you want to do and how you want to do it. I know for most people it is a once in a lifetime trip though, so while we’re getting down to the details of booking our trip next month I thought I’d team up with clickstay to give my top tips for visiting Orlando.

1. Don’t Try And Do Everything

I know, I know. How can you decide what to ditch?! But the reality is even if you have 2 weeks in Orlando you will burn out really quickly if you try to go to everything. Sit down and work out what your priorities are. Do your research before you get there and know what you really want to do. Plan some down days in between big events so that you can chill out and see more of Orlando than just the theme parks. You’ll thank me later – trust me!

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2. Stay In A Villa – Not A Hotel

Theme parks are intense, and the ability to go home and just chill out afterwards is really appreciated.  I usually prefer to stay in a villa anyway, but I couldn’t imagine trying to work with a hotel in Orlando. A villa is ideal when you have children, and if you stay in the Davenport or Kissimmee area then you are really close to the main theme parks for doting back and forth. Check out the Clickstay villas in Kissimmee to get an idea of the sort of holiday home you can have.

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3. Make Full Use Of Your Passes

For Disney in particular, a multi day pass gives you the ultimate flexibility. The can be used for the waterparks, as well as the main parks too. You don’t have to spend a whole day in the park either. You could go to the water park for the day, pop home to get cleaned up and have dinner then head back to Epcot for the fireworks or to Magic Kingdom for the parade. With young children especially having that break in the day takes the stress off a little and lets them wind down – making it more pleasant for everyone!

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4. Buy Your Disney Merchandise Before You Go

The cost of a pair of Mickey Mouse ears once you hit Disney World is insane. Pick up your Mickey t-shirts from Wallmart, or in Primark before you go. I’ve already bought myself a Harry Potter t-shirt and a Mickey one so I’m all set! It is so much cheaper and will save you loads in the long run, leave more money for souvenirs later.

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5. Go Slow

Your first time visiting Orlando is a bit overwhelming to begin with. There is nothing quite like those theme parks and it is impossible to do it all in one go, so don’t even try. Don’t rush from one ride to another. Take your time, look around you. There are hidden gems all over the place. Each park does it in it’s own unique way and if you rush you will miss it. You are far better doing a quarter of it properly than trying to do it all by rushing and missing the details!

Top Tips For Visiting Orlando | Disney Princess Castle

Do you have any tips for visiting Orlando that you think people should know? Let me know in the comments.

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