Over the summer we have been all about getting outside with the kids. The best way to burn off some energy and to keep us all sane is to just go out and explore. With the change in seasons (yes – it is Autumn already) I know the natural instinct is to stay in side and get all cosy and warm. Fight that instinct!

I have heard it said that there is no such thing as bad weather – only bad clothing. That is so true for the Autumn and winter months. It may be a bit chillier but you can still enjoy doing fun things outside as a family. I have teamed up with VTech to bring you a fun outdoor activity idea that you can do up and down the country.

Tour de Trike | Looking for somewhere to take your little ones out for a bike ride? Check out our local trike route and see if you can find yours https://oddhogg.com

We were tasked with creating a local route to be included as part of their Tour de Trike. We took our 5-in-1 Stroll & Grow Trike out for a spin to see where would be best for our route. I knew straight away that I wanted it to be away from roads, as safety is always a major concern. I wanted Piglet to be able to get on and off his trike freely and run around and play if he wanted, so Duthie Park was the obvious choice.

Tour de Trike | Duthie Park Aberdeen https://oddhogg.com

We go to this park pretty regularly, but this time we went with fresh eyes. We started the route at the carpark and decided to head around the common in a clockwise direction. We spotted a number of people playing with mini speedboats on the pond and Piglet gave them a wave as we went past.

The boating pond was the next bit we saw. As the summer is over there aren’t any boats out but there sometimes are in the warmer months. We carried on up to the Winter Gardens. Piglet was keen to get off his trike by this point and have a wander around. We visited McPuddock the frog and had Spike the cactus sing a little song for us.

Tour de Trike | Duthie Park Winter Gardens Aberdeen https://oddhogg.com

Next door to the Winter Gardens is the cafe. Here you can find the toilets (perfect for potty training!) and get a coffee and maybe even an ice cream if you can brave it in the cold.

A short trike ride from the cafe is the first play park. There is a big tractor here which is the perfect picture opportunity. After that is the final stretch down the hill and back to the carpark. Next to it is the 2nd play park and that’s where you’ll find the biggest slides – perfect for celebrating a good ride!

Tour de Trike | Duthie Park Route https://oddhogg.com

There are Tour de Trike routes up and down the country – so look out for the one nearest to you. You can find them on the VTech website soon.

This post was sponsored by VTech.