A few times a day Piglet and I go through the tummy time battle. He has hated tummy time from day one. Everyone has said “he’ll get used to it and soon he’ll love it” but here we are, 4 months on, still having a scream every time.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my concerns for his reaction. A lot of pressure is put on new mums to do everything right, but there is not always an explanation for how you can realistically expect it to pan out. So this is our experience of tummy time, and we have done to make it work.

Tummy Time | Is your baby struggling with tummy time? At 4 months old my little boy is definitely not a fan. This post is all about the trouble we have and what we've done to try and make it better https://oddhogg.com

I understand the importance of tummy time for strengthening those core muscles, so I persevere daily. We get toys out and spread them around him. I’ve laid down on the ground with him. We sing and talk and cheer him on, but he refuses to engage with us.

He just lies there, head flat on the ground screaming his little lungs out

I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do. It seemed counter productive to push something that was causing obvious distress. And then we discovered the tummy time roll.

Provided he is propped up on it, Piglet is willing to tolerate a few minutes at a time before the meltdown begins. I still try him laying flat on the ground too as I’m sure the difference positions will work different muscles.

Our roll is a hand-me-down from Piglet’s cousins and is the Mamas & Papas Babyplay Tummy Time Activity Toy. The roll offers more than simply propping the baby up, if it did then I would rather just use a rolled up towel. It is brightly coloured and has different textures and sounds to catch your attention. There is even a section that will play a jingle if its pressed.

Unfortunately for us – Piglet is disinclined to interact with anything on the roll so far. For now we’ll just have to go at his pace!

Update 8/12/16 (9 months old): Piglet took much longer than most to learn to roll. In fact, he sat before he was rolling over regularly. He got there in the end though as, with everything else he does, he was calling the shots!

Tummy Time

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