Black clothes usually get dumped in to a few categories – funeral clothes, goth style or edgier style where people look effortlessly cool in monochrome. I have never fallen in to the effortlessly cool category (forever guilty for choosing comfort over fashion) but over the last few years I have started to incorporate more black in to my wardrobe, while still trying to maintain a vibrant feel. I find black flattering, and it covers a multitude of toddler related grossness – so it’s a must in my mum wardrobe.

Recently I have tried to avoid fast fashion. I want staple pieces in my wardrobe that can be used for a multitude of scenarios, from the school run to date night and everything in between. I find black clothing perfect for this as they go with just about anything. Here are my favourite black wardrobe staples, and how I change up the look from day to night.

Black Slogan T-Shirts

The most simple way I have found to wear black is in t-shirts. I often feature my favourite slogan T’s over on my instagram and these day’s they’re regularly black. A classic t-shirt with a slogan of your choice is a great way to show your personality through your clothes. My favourite is “Actually, I Can”, but I also really like this “Champagne is always the answer” t-shirt.

Pairing it with some high waisted jeans and you have a classic casual look. This is my go to outfit for most days – comfortable and functional. When it’s cold you can toss a sweatshirt over the top for the school run or just for around the house.

When I want to go and meet friends for dinner I swap a sweatshirt for a blazer and trade trainers for Chelsea boots. You could also change the jeans for a skirt – but I don’t always have time for a full change!

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Black Leggings

Leggings are often seen as a a comfy piece of clothing, reserved for lazy days at home or for in the gym. I love a pair of faux leather black leggings as they are so easily dressed up or down. On casual days I grab a denim shirt and a pair of contrasting trainers. It was my go to look when I was breastfeeding thanks to how practical it is!

For an evening I still reach for a shirt, but I prefer a crumpled mustard one. I love a bright colour contrasting the black leggings, but with a pair of sparkly heels keeping the look feminine.

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Black Sweatshirt

I am a sucker for a sweatshirt and, although many will disagree, I think they have real value in a capsule wardrobe. When I was pregnant I fell in love with dungarees and almost 2 years on they are still a staple in my wardrobe. During the winter I pop a black cropped sweatshirt under them for a casual look that also keeps me warm.

A sweatshirt is never going to be an item you chose for a wild night out, but if you have a chance to meet the girls for a quick drink you can still make use of it. Grab a pair of jeans, some Dr Martens and a bright lippy and you’re done! Bonus points if you have time to do your hair too.

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Black Statement Top

You know when sometimes you see somewhere wearing something that makes you think “oh WOW”? I believe every wardrobe needs that item. Mine is a puff sleeved black top that always catches peoples eye. During the day it suits a pair of high waisted jeans and pump or sandals. At night swap the jeans for a pair of wide legged trousers and a pair of stilettos for a striking outfit.

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