While we’re weaning I’m keen on feeding Alexander fresh food predominately, things that I can cook and prepare for him at home. That said – I’m a realist. Sometimes convenience is going to be key, particularly if we’re headed out of the house.

I discovered Try It Club. Its a website where you can buy pregnancy and baby items at a one off trial price (roughly 50% off the RRP) so you can try a variety of items to discover what you like. I’m always a fan of anything that will save me some money so I figured that as long as I stuck to items I would have purchased full price I had nothing to lose really!

The Pregnancy Site covers nappy changing, feeding/accessories, maternity and household/toiletries. I didn’t find anything of particular interest to me while I was pregnant, but it is worth checking it out. You can get Bio Oil, shampoos, bottles, wipes etc.

The Baby Site is split into weaning food stage 1, weaning food stage 2, accessories and for mum. In food stage 1 I bought all the items except for the jars. This is because I was looking for items I can just toss in my nappy bag and I figured jars are likely to weigh more than sachets.

HiPP Organic Products - Try It Club Weaning

I got these HiPP Organic Products

Ella's Kitchen Products - Try It Club weaning

I got these products from the Stage 1 Feeding from Ella’s kitchen

In food stage 2 I didn’t buy the “real meal” foods i.e. spaghetti bolognese as I would rather those sorts of things were made fresh, but I did purchase the porridges as they will be great for breakfasts at home. Every item I received had a long expiry date on it, well into 2017, so I don’t have to worry about using them up quickly. In total I spent about £8-£9 on food items, but there is also a £2.99 delivery charge so watch out for that. For me, the value of the savings for the items I was buying far exceeded that amount but if you only choose one or two it might not be worth it.

Ella's Kitchen Products - Try It Club weaning

I got these Ella’s Kitchen items in the Stage 2 Feeding

In the accessories section you can get bottles, dummys/soothers, nappy ointment, wipes etc. And in the mum section there are nursing pads, shampoos, deodorants and soaps.

Every order comes with a free Mam bottle, great if thats what you’re using but as I mentioned in my feeding story, we are predominately breastfeeding with the occasional bottle, and I use Avent. I’ve popped this in the cupboard though as a spare – you never know when it might come in handy!

If you know of any other similar websites, either for weaning or anything else, please share them in the comments below. I’d love to know of more ways to save a few pennies!

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