With rumours of dwindling insulin supplies and difficulty in accessing insulin there is one thing on my mind – what will a no-deal Brexit mean for diabetics?

Back in the summer of 2018 it was really highlighted that ALL insulin used in the UK is imported. Every single drop. Considering that insulin dependant diabetics will die without it in really quite a short space of time, that is quite worrying. The concern lies in what will happen with imports in the case of a no-deal. Will we get our insulin? And what preparations are being made?

Should we be stockpiling insulin?

Absolutely not!! Across the country diabetics have anecdotally been reporting that they have had delays in receiving their insulin, and this is largely down to others hoarding insulin. A problem is being created already and there is simply no need.

The responsibility lies with the insulin manufacturers. The UK government has requested that the drug manufacturers increase their own stocks to hold an additional 6 weeks worth of insulin on top of their usual supplies. JDRF reports that Novo Nordisc (the manufacturers of my Novorapid insulin) are now holding 18 weeks worth of insulin in the UK, ready to handle any potential delays in import in the case of a no-deal.

What does a no-deal Brexit mean for diabetics? Novorapid insulin and rose www.oddhogg.com

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Are any other precautions being taken?

Let’s be honest – they’re be silly not to. It is predicted that delays may occur in Dover as it is the UK’s main port, so Sanofi is looking at 2 new import routes. One would be in to the east coast via the Netherlands, and another is a secondary route in to the south via France.

With over a million people with insulin-dependant diabetes in the UK we can only assume that making sure our medication is available will be a priority. It is obvious to everyone that a clear and practical system has to be in place to make sure that not only insulin is available, but all other medications that are sourced from abroad maintain their supply.

Have you experienced a delay in receiving your insulin already? Do you have any concerns going forward?


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