Although lockdown is hard for everyone, in general I am pretty lucky. I have my husband and children at home with me. I can safely work from the comfort of my sofa (or desk if I’m feeling fancy). Our biggest concern, outside of the virus itself, is when we will get to hug our parents again. When will the kids get to see their grandparents?

What about those without a partner at home with them though? How on Earth do you date while social distancing? I’ve been trying to work out the logistics of it…… these are my thoughts.

How Do You Meet Someone?

Pre-Covid there were loads of options for meeting someone new. In the gym, in a bar, at work, between mutual friends or through a Belfast dating site. So how does it work if those places aren’t open. Let’s be honest – a bar after a few drinks isn’t necessarily the best place to meet the potential love of your life, but at least it’s an option.

These day’s it doesn’t get much more exciting than a walk in the park. Can you imagine if someone sidled up to you – still maintaining a 2m distance – and tried to strike up a conversation. Let’s be honest, it’s not likely to be hugely successful is it?

Where Is The First Date?

If you have managed to speak to someone, from online dating, a group zoom quiz or some other way, how do you go about the first date? You can’t just go out in to Belfast dating like you may have done in the past. Where can you go?

I don’t know about you guys, but my golf game isn’t strong and I’m not sure I’d want that to be witnessed as part of a first date. Other than golf courses is anywhere else even open? Here is Scotland the guideline is to not travel more than 5 miles from your home unless it is for work purposes, but it isn’t leaving many options.

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How Do You Interact While Social Distancing?

The logistics of this are baffling me. I am finding social distancing bad enough with my own family and the handful of friends I’ve seen. It feels unnatural and I am genuinely unsure how it would play out. You miss out on little nuances, subtleties in body language. It’s going to be hard!

But let’s be real – there is a real chance you could miss out on things that could be a real game changer if you discover them down the line. What if they are a noisy eater but you can’t hear it because you can’t go out for dinner? What if they don’t shut up when they’re in the cinema? What if you the won’t share their chips? How will you know?!

How Can You Take Things Futher?

I’m all for getting to know someone by talking and hanging out, but what about the next step? I appreciate that these things can’t be rushed, but the Covid restrictions look like they will be here for quite some time.

I feel like at the end of the year there is going to be a glut a babies where all couples with no kids get bored and decide to have a baby while on furlough (not those of us who already have kids – we’re not insane). But there will also be a bay drought in the future because of this weird window where normal dating is just not possible!

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I have said all of this in jest, but I would really like to know how dating is playing out for the singles out there. Let me know in the comments!

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