What’s In A Name?

When we were growing up we never called the TV remote a remote. It was always a Doo-Da. Embarrassing as it is to admit, I didn’t realise that wasn’t what they’re actually called until I was quite old. I knew they it was a remote – but it was also a Doo-Da. I was about 15 when I discovered that it was just a stupid name my mum had given it when she couldn’t remember the name. Awkward!

Since being an auntie to 7 little monkeys, I’ve started to discover how some of these funny little names come about. There is something endearing about little ones mispronunciations – and somehow it just seems to catch on.

What's In A Name? | We all have that little something that we call a slightly unusual name. Spending time with toddlers has created a whole new realm of mispronunciations in our house - so I've collated them all for you to give you a laugh https://oddhogg.com

One day, a few months ago, I was hanging out with my mum, sister and nephews. Piglet was getting a bit grouchy and I mentioned to my bigger nephew (aged 4) that I thought Piglet was getting hungry. In the usual way of making conversation with a pre-schooler, I asked Biggest what he thought would be a good snack for Piglet…… he responded with “baked beans”. I thought it a bit of a bizarre suggestion, but didn’t question it.

Later, as we got out of the swimming pool, he started asking to have some baked beans. This caught us all off guard as he doesn’t actually like beans. My sister was assuring him that he could have some for tea and he seemed quite happy with the idea. We weren’t convinced though – knowing how much he hates them normally – so asked him why he wanted some. His answer?

“I just want them from the box”

Light bulb moment. He doesn’t want baked beans at all – he wants a box of mini smarties! Naturally it left us all in stitches, and we still have a good chuckle about it now. Sometimes, we call them baked beans now because it’s just easier than explaining it to him!

What's In A Name? | Smarties https://oddhogg.com

It would appear that his little brother is all set to follow in his footsteps. When the boys are at my mums for tea she gives them little pots of custard for pudding. At almost 2 and a half, the littlest is having a little trouble pronouncing custard, so he asks for “cow-pie”.

Yes. Cow-pie.

And what is worse? We’ve all started calling it cow-pie too! I am so looking forward to his teenage years when we can rip him for this mercilessly – but obviously not mentioning our part in it 😉

So what about the rest of you? I asked around to see who else had a funny name to share:

“In our house, waterproof coats are called wettycoats! And I think its the best name ever” Little Pickles Mom

What's In A Name? | Raincoat https://oddhogg.com

“Our armchair is called the “squiggle chair” as it moves but the girls couldn’t say swivel so it’s affectionate known as the squiggle”  Twinderelmo

“When I was growing up, my father always called the remote control the controllerator” Pondering Parenthood

“My dad once told me to go and get the ‘gobbling rods‘. Turns out he meant knives and forks for dinner, and it stuck from then onwards” Coffee Cake Kids

What's In A Name? | Cutlery https://oddhogg.com

“We had a chair at my parents house that looked similar to Mrs Mangles in neighbours. Even long after Mrs Mangle had died and we grew up the chair was forever known as the Mangle Chair and the table next to it the Mangle Table” Real Mum Review

“I never had one of those rubber scraper things that you clean your shower screen with until I met my husband at uni and he informed me it was called a ‘trekker‘ – my little boy uses the same word now and I had no idea it wasn’t even English until I asked about one in a shop recently and they had no idea what I meant. My husband is from Holland and it is actually a Dutch word, but he also thought it was English when he taught me ?? still no idea what to actually call it!” Arthur Wears – She means a squeegee!

“The girls call chicken nuggets chicken yoghurts. It’s just become something that we say now without thinking. Slightly embarrassing going through the McDonald’s drive through…” Five Little Doves

“The kids like to watch out for the ‘rubbish bus‘ that comes to collect the wheelie bins” To Aufinity And Beyond

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