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Where Did The Sun Go?

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Last week I was getting into the swing of outdoor living again. More time in the garden, picnic lunches in the sunshine and firing up the Ooni or BBQ with a friend round. The kids have been bouncing away on the trampoline like they’d never seen one before, and overall we were really starting to enjoy it.

But then where did the sun go?

It’s like a switch has been flicked and I don’t know how to dress anymore. Is it still spring? Or was that just a false start and we’ve retreated back in to winter. Just when I thought it would be safe to pack away our snow things the forecast is for snow next week. In April! I’ve hauled out the kids winter coats again (despite just telling Zee a week ago that his was too small now) and I’m hoping this is just a blip. Maybe!

Trying to workout what to wear myself this spring has been really hard. Some days I feel like i could be throwing on a summer dress and flip flops and the next day it’s been all about the thermals. On other days I just want to wrap up warm. I’ve always been one for adding layers, and I love using a jumper dress to do that. Because I’m always running around after the kids I find it easier to have black leggings on underneath, but if you’re not likely to need to crawl around on the floor much then tights and some boots would be really cute. Since it’s been cold I added a long sleeved top underneath, but I’m thinking I might go for a white shirt next time to lighten the look.

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Once of the latest trends that I really love is a shacket. I have always been a bit funny about having bare arms, often keeping a jumper or cardigan on even when everyone around me is in minimal clothing. Here in the NE Scotland the weather is a bit unreliable and I seem to have taken that to heart – never really dressing for full summer even when the weather seems to be heading that way. A shacket has been perfect for the slightly warmer days where I don’t want a full jacket, but also for pulling on over a jumper when it’s freezing and I’ve been conned into standing in the park for hours. I do genuinely love this one and I can see it getting a lot of use this year.

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The one upside in a sudden change in weather though, is that I can keep up my loungewear habit. Honestly I’m not sure what I’m going to do when it’s warm and we are able to be out and see people – maybe they’ll just have to accept me in my joggers? At least if I’m in this loungewear set I’m a bit more dressed up and ready for visitors than when I’m in my pyjamas.

A woman leaning against a white wall wearing a grey loungewear set
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Here’s hoping that the sun comes back soon, we’ve got a trip to Center Parcs that I want the sun to shine for! And the better the weather is for being outside, the more we’ll be able to see family and friends and start to feel a bit more normal.

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