There’s no denying that before you have kids that your time is taken for granted. Lie ins are a thing of the past, as it leisurely eating a meal. These things were to be expected really, and I can’t say I’ve minded too much really.

What I didn’t anticipate was a reduction in the time I spend on my beauty regime. I’ve never been one for big elaborate processes – extensive skincare is not really my thing – but I have a quick whip around with the razor and call it a job well done. Since Piglet came along my showers a considerably shorter and baths are a thing of the past. It means this have fallen a little by the wayside. There is a solution though!

Where Did That Hair Come From? | When your time is filled with a baby or children it can be eas to forget to take care of the things that make you feel good. I had laser hair removal and would love to have some more

6 years ago I had my first set of sessions for laser hair removal. Due to the different growth phases of hairs, it requires multiple sessions to be fully effective. For me this was 6 sessions, and after that time the growth of hair on my underarms had been halted (TMI?).

The process was almost painless. It had been described to me as akin to a paper cut prior to starting, but I found I didn’t feel much more than a nip. The really great thing is that as soon as the laser is switched off the discomfort stops – there isn’t any lasting effects on that front!

This video from the Pulse Light Clinic explains everything you need to know about laser hair removal.

In the last 12 months I have been so thankful that I had the treatment all those years ago. So thankful in fact, that I would consider having it done on my legs next. Can you imagine the summer months when you get a sudden bout of sunshine. No need to worry about whether you can plait your leg hair, because it is long gone! Silky smooth and ready for a skirt at a moments notice.

How about for your other half? JHogg will hate me for saying this – but I swear he is part gorilla. I’d love him to give laser hair removal on his back a go. Maybe I could get him a block of treatments for fathers day…… he can’t say no if it’s a gift from Piglet!

Do you find yourself short of time to take care of those niggly beauty things that aren’t an obvious necessity, but can creep up on you? Do you think you would consider having laser hair removal? I’d love to know what you think!

This post was written in collaboration with the Pulse Light Clinic

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