One of the things I am asked quiet regularly when I share my meal plans is why does Piglet have separate meals to us, and do we eat the at the same time? I can understand why people wonder that – quite obviously my life would be so much easier if I only had to cook one dinner a day!

But unfortuneately life isn’t always that simple, and I like to make things even more complicated. It’s rare that our evening meal can be eaten together as a family so I cook once for Piglet and then again later on for JHogg and I – and here is why.

Why We Don't Eat Together | We choose to have dinner separately from our 1 year old. Some people find it strange, but here is why we do it

JHogg Works Late

I am very lucky that I am able to be at home with Piglet all day every day. In order to do that though, JHogg works long hours. He is up and out of the door well before Piglet and I are awake during the week. He usually gets home at around 5:30 – 6:30, leaving him a very short window before Piglet goes to bed.

First up, I don’t want him to be going to bed on a super full stomach straight after dinner. I like to give Piglet his tea at 5pm so he has time to digest it a bit and be ready for his milk just before bed. I know I wouldn’t want to go to bed straight after dinner so I don’t think he should have to either.

Aside from that, JHogg’s time with Piglet during the week is short. That window before Piglet’s bed time is far better off spent playing than sat around the table.

Why We Don't Eat Together | Bedtime

I Want Piglet To Eat Healthily

Quite honestly, JHogg and I don’t have a great diet. It’s not the worst, but it is far from what I would consider a healthy diet. I actually love veg but JHogg is very fussy about which vegetables he’ll eat (and god forbid you try and give him an onion) and so we have a lot of peas and sweetcorn. I’m not perfect myself – eggs make me want to vom and don’t even think about giving me a curry.

I don’t want Piglet to end up fussy like us. He enjoys a varied diet with lots of different flavours. If he were to eat his dinner with us each night, what is on offer would be a lot more restricted.

Piglet and I eat breakfast together every morning, and lunch most days. We share meals when we’re out and about. He isn’t short of practice for sitting at a table – and I think that he’s doing just fine!

Why We Don't Eat Together | Pizza

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