I won’t lie – one of the biggest disappointments in my life was when I didn’t receive my Hogwarts letter. I waited oh so patiently but it never came. Harry Potter has been in my life from way back in Primary school and to say I was a fan would be an understatement, so when I was sent my very own invisibility cloak to try out I was so so SO excited.

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What’s In The Box?

Opening the box felt a bit like Christmas for me. Inside was the cloak itself, a phone stand and the instructions, which contain the unique code you will need for accessing the app.

The cloak to two sided. One side is grey and a velvety material with a silver pattern on it, but the real magic comes from the other side. It may look just plain green to the muggle eye, but paired with the app it is this side that will make you invisible.

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The cloak is a bit of an awkward length. It is a bit long for the children in my family, who mostly tripped over it and ruined the illusion somewhat if we were making a video. It is also a bit short for most adults, and at 5′ 3″ I dont’ consider myself to be particularly tall. In the books, Harry and his friends also outgrow easy use of the cloak though so it doesn’t really bother me that much. It was all part of the fun!

The phone stand is a really handy addition. It look me a little while to master using it as I was struggling to work out how to press the button on the phone while it was on there, but if you simply flip the camera to selfie mode it is much much easier. Unfortunately, on my phone the selfie camera is not very clear, but on newer models it would be much better.

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How Does The Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Work?

Real life magic obviously…… with a bit of green screen help. To start making your invisible pictures and videos you need the Wow! Stuff app, which is free to download. Using your unique code from the instruction booklet you can access the invisibility cloak area and then you’re ready to go.

You pop your phone on to the stand, they stay clear of the camera while you set the scene. This is the image that will be put on the green screen part of the cloak when you’re in the shot. There is a handy timer if you want to use the cloak yourself, or you can have someone press play for you. The app lets you take photos or videos, and works in both portrait or landscape mode.

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Be sure not to move anything in the background as it will ruin the effect. And pets running past as you set the scene can be a bit of a spoiler! I found busier backgrounds worked really well to make you blend in. All I’m waiting for now is some willing participants to reenact parts of the books with me!

Is The Invisibility Cloak Worth The Price?

This is the million dollar question isn’t it. The invisibility cloak is not cheap, but I LOVE it. And so do my kids. At 3 years old Piglet has no idea who Harry Potter is, but that doesn’t stop his enjoyment of making disappearing videos.

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For old Potter fans I can see it being worth every penny. There is fun, there’s nostalgia, and there’s a bit of magic. What more could you want?

I was sent a WOW! Stuff Collection Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak for the purposes of a review. All words and opinions are my own.

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