I have always prided myself in taking good care of my health. Ever since I was diagnosed I have kept a close eye on my blood sugars. I have made sure I’m on top of every change, every unusual reading was analysed and efforts made to ensure I knew what happened and had an action plan for the next time. Basically – I was all over it!

In my first pregnancy I maintained a super low hbA1c. I found it easy to stay motivated to make good food choices and stay away from snacks, as I had the best reason growing in my tummy. This time around though, it’s been different. I haven’t been as on it, and the guilt is awful.

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Don’t get me wrong – my hbA1c is currently 52 (6.9%) which is still within the guidelines for pregnancy. If it was any higher I would have to act – I couldn’t handle it being higher and not take any action. Just because I am hitting that target though, doesn’t mean I’m happy with the results.

I know you can’t go through life beating yourself up over every number, but pregnancy is one time where I believe it is SO important to keep things on track. I don’t want there to be any reason for a premature delivery that could have been prevented. There are no excuses.

And so my action plan!

Diabetes - Getting My Act Together | Pregnant Belly https://oddhogg.com


I preach about the merits of giving a bolus in advance of a meal, especially in pregnancy, but I have not actually been doing it myself in a long time. Thinking back, I can’t really remember the last time I did it…. probably when I was pregnant with Piglet if I’m honest.

I am no longer being sick daily, and I eat 99% of my meals at home. Really I have no excuse for not getting at least part of my meal bolus in 10-15 minutes before I eat. I know I can get good results with this – I just need to do it!

Test Test Test

I always test before meals, before bed and before driving. But between meals…… definitely be lacking on that front. Having an hbA1c in target has made me lazy, there isn’t really another word for it! In the past it was relatively rare for me to be out of range before a meal, and so I didn’t have much of a drive to check where my blood sugars were after a meal as it was usually “fine”.

Clearly, things are no longer fine. Or rather “fine” doesn’t cut it in pregnancy. I have gone back to setting an alarm when I eat, so I can be get a reminder 2 hours later to check my blood sugars. I really hope that my chasing down those in between meals numbers I can bring down my overall hbA1c.

Be Honest With My Team

I’ve found myself hiding from my DSN this pregnancy. I have felt checked up on and generally irritated by them if I’m honest. It’s ridiculous, as my team are wonderful. They are probably my greatest cheerleaders when it comes to my diabetes and are usually happy to let me do whatever it is I want.

Whenever we have spoken I have always had my excuses at the ready. My morning sickness, expired insulin, the cold I had. There was always something. It’s time for me to hold my hands up and admit to them I haven’t been coping as well as I usually do, but also let them know that I’m trying to reign things in and that I’d welcome any suggestions they might have.

Diabetes - Getting My Act Together | Feeling Positive https://oddhogg.com

I’m hoping that the combination of those 3 things will mean my next hbA1c will be slightly better, and that the scan won’t show anything worrying on the baby. Because he’s the one I’m doing this all for at the end of the day!

What Next?

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