My first pregnancy was relatively smooth sailing. Although I had morning sickness, back pain and carpal tunnel, these are considered “normal” in pregnancy. Even a preterm labour wasn’t considered a huge concern as I was… View Post

I don’t try to profess that I am some sort of diabetes genius. I am not perfect, I make mistakes and things regularly do’t go to plan. More recently I have been trying to get… View Post

I have always prided myself in taking good care of my health. Ever since I was diagnosed I have kept a close eye on my blood sugars. I have made sure I’m on top of… View Post

I have always considered myself a seasoned traveller. From a young age I was lucky enough to be going on holidays abroad, and for a few years I even lived in the Caribbean. I have… View Post

I am regularly praised for how well I handle my diabetes. At my last clinic appointment the team were quizzing me on how I do it and saying how disciplined I must be. And I am… View Post