What Is In My Hospital Bag?

It’s likely that you’ve been sent here from my YouTube video, but if you haven’t then hello! I have already had my baby, but I filmed the video before I was admitted to hospital and so I’ve decided to share it all regardless. This post is to go hand in hand with that video, providing a …

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Fertility Guilt | White Flowers

Fertility Guilt

*Trigger warning: Baby Loss I have had this post drafted for a while, debating on whether or not it was something I wanted to share, but I have decided to go ahead with it. If you are affected by any of the topics covered then please feel free to contact me or any of the …

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Third Trimester Complications | 28 week baby bump

Third Trimester Complications

My first pregnancy was relatively smooth sailing. Although I had morning sickness, back pain and carpal tunnel, these are considered “normal” in pregnancy. Even a preterm labour wasn’t considered a huge concern as I was over 36 weeks and 10 days away from being induced anyway. I think that my experience the first time around …

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