Baby Years

Baby JJ is 4 months old | On his play mat

Baby JJ is 4 Months Old

Months like the one we’ve just had make me so glad I am keeping this record of JJ’s development. He is such a chilled out baby and he has definitely been overshadowed by Piglet this month as we deal with a few issues he’s had with starting nursery. It’s nice to have a reason to …

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Baby JJ at 3 months old | cosy

Baby JJ at 3 Months Old

3 months old – we’re out of the newborn bubble and definitely adjusted to life as a family of 4. Piglet shows a genuine interest in his brother and, although I probably wouldn’t go so far as to say he likes him most of the time, he is used to him being around and can …

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Baby JJ at 2 Months Old | JJ in kilt

Baby JJ at 2 Months Old

Another month older. I won’t lie – I nearly forgot this month. It wasn’t until around 5pm that it suddenly crossed my mind that he was 2 months old. I think that’s just life with a second child isn’t it? Your focus is being pulled in so many directions that things that seemed so important …

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1 Month Of Breastfeeding | Breast Pump and Lanolin cream in changing bag

1 Month Of Breastfeeding

As it is national breastfeeding week it seemed sensible to share with you how things have gone during my first month of feeding JJ. Anyone who followed me when Piglet was a baby will know that my reasons for wanting to breastfeed are not what you would expect, and really rather selfish in many ways. …

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