I am Kim


Here at OddHogg you will find information
about my life with type 1 diabetes, how I
balance it with 2 kids and proof that life
doesn’t stop at diagnosis.

My experience with diabetes technology

From the first day I was diagnosed I have had in interest in the technologies being developed to manage type 1 diabetes. I started on an insulin pump less than 18 months after diagnosis, and self funded the Freestyle Fibre when they were first released.

These days I am using the Medtronic Minimed 640g insulin pump and the Freestyle Libre 2. I have trialled the MiaoMiao 1 and 2 and the Bubble for getting alarms from the Libre 1, and had 20 days of use with the Dexcom to compare the different technologies.


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My life isn’t just about diabetes. I love to share my product reviews, tips, experiences and so much more. Check out my latest posts here.

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