Ahhhh sleep. It is one thing that almost all parents will say they don’t get enough of – especially during the newborn days. I have actually been one of the lucky ones as both of my boys are relatively good sleepers. JJ is now 11 weeks old and goes about 6 hours overnight between feeds. We survived the crazy newborn days and have made it out the other side in one peace.

That doesn’t mean he does wake in the night though. Quite the opposite in fact. I am often up and down to pop his dummy back in and resettle him, even though I don’t have to feed him. This broken sleep can be just as draining as when I was feeding every hour or two, so of course we are always willing to try anything that may help JJ to self settle in the middle of the night. Summer Infant sent us one of their Dippy The Dino Slumber Buddies to try out – so this is what I thought of it.

From a visual aspect, I love the Dino! We live in a dinosaur mad household so Dino fits right in. Piglet is thrilled that his baby brother has a dinosaur (although he did try and claim it for his own). The pastel shades go nicely in the grey bedroom that the boys will one day share when JJ leaves our room, and he generally looks like a happy little dinosaur.

Slumber Buddies Deluxe Dippy The Dino Review www.oddhogg.com

Dino arrived with some batteries already installed, which any parent knows can be a bit of a lifesaver. A quick flick of the switch from “try me” to timer and we were ready to go. There are 3 time options, 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 45 minutes. 15 minutes is all we have been using it for at the moment as that is more than sufficient for JJ, but for an older child it is nice to have the option of longer running times.

The battery pack is also where you can change the cry activation sensor on and off. I do find this a bit annoying as I don’t like to leave it on all the time – banging doors etc sets it off – so I am constantly having to flip him over to open him up and press the button. I would have liked to have seen this button on Dino’s back with the rest of his controls.

On the back you find 3 buttons. The first one controls the lighting. You can swap between 3 colour options or a light show. The second button selects the sound, with the choice of 3 lullabies and 2 nature sounds. The third button is volume control with 3 different settings.

I like having the different sound options, as since we are still sharing a room with JJ it saves me going insane with the same music playing as I go to sleep every night. He also seems quite taken with the light show which we have also closed the curtains to watch during the day as a sensory activity.

Slumber Buddies Deluxe Dippy The Dino Review

Piglet used a more basic sleep aid when he was younger but it broke about 6 months ago. In the relatively near future JJ will be moving in to his big brothers room. I am confident that Piglet is going to love having Dino in their room and that the music will help him drift off to sleep too as he still sometimes asks for his old one. Dino is suitable from birth but it is definitely something that could be utilised by all ages.

At £24.99 they are on the lower end of the price scale which is a real bonus. If a dinosaur isn’t your thing, then the Slumber Buddies Deluxe also comes as a lamb, bunny or puppy.

Please note – We were sent a Slumber Buddies Deluxe Dippy The Dino for the purposes of carrying out a review. All words and opinions are my own.


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