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Inspirational Over 50’s

You might be wonder why I, at the grand old age of 28, am sitting down to write about “old people”. There is a time when I would have had the same thought. A time, probably about 10 years ago, where I thought I knew it all. Since becoming a mum though, having to ACTUALLY grow up a bit rather than just think I have, I’ve a new found respect for the older generation. And with the people in my family it is no surprise why!

First up, there is my mum. A lady never discloses her age, but lets just say she is over 50 but under 65 😉 I am always amazed when I see other women the same age as her, as they seem so much older. She is the epitome of life starts after 50. When we were growing up she pretty much dedicated her life to her children, but now we’re gone she is going wild!

She has, along with my dad, been travelling the world. It started with a month long trip to India about 8 years ago, and escalated to a full 4 month round the world trip in 2016. She’s always dreaming of the next trip to take, sight to see or landmark to conquer. Safe to say she has the travelling bug and very little will stand in her way.

Inspirational Over 50's | Mum Travelling

When she’s not off seeing the world, she is better known as Granny. Piglet adores her and asks to go and see her often. She spends a lot of time looking after her grandchildren, all 8 of them so far. She even looks after some of them for 1 day a week – meaning I have time to do some work. Not many women her age would cope with 3 toddlers/preschoolers for a whole day but she does it with a smile on her face….. mostly.

And then of course there is my dad. He turned 70 this year (see the video below to find out what his amazing present was) but is one of the fittest people I know. He has a “little” vegetable patch at the bottom of the garden where he grows all the potatoes, tomatoes, beans, cabbage, kale and goodness knows what else you could ever ask for. He is relatively tolerant of the “help” he gets in the garden from an overenthusiastic Piglet, and I can only hope his green fingers rub off on him because I’m useless at growing things myself.

If you can drag him away from his plants you will usually find him on the golf course. 3 times a week in fact. Only in the last few years has he invested in a motorised golf trolley to take some of the strain, but he’s happy to walk the miles of the course regardless of the weather. I can only assume it is this that keeps him so fit, as not many 70 year olds would have been in my back garden last week lugging concrete blocks about and building a wall. If I am half as fit and healthy as he is at 70 I’ll be doing well!

Inspirational Over 50's | Dad and I

Then last up is my Grandad. Everyone who knows me will know how I feel about him. I named Piglet after him, and JJ’s due date was on Grandad’s 90th birthday. At his age every birthday is a milestone, but 90 is really quite special. Not that he thinks so, he’s too busy doing his own thing in his gardens and allotments. Last year he won multiple awards for his gardens, including the best garden for the Press & Journal and the best residential garden from the Aberdeen City Council. He now has a regular spot on Beechgrove Gardens passing on tips and advice for growing in your allotments.

As a child he had us believing that fairies lived in the bottom of his garden amongst the rhubarb, made us laugh with his animal noises and took us fishing in the lochs. As an adult not much has changed….. except the fairies. But really that’s only because he’s moved house otherwise I reckon he’d still have kept it going!

Inspirational Over 50's | Grandad With His Grandchildren

The older I get the more I realise that “old” people aren’t past it. In fact – they’ve done all their hard work in their younger years and are now able to live their lives to the fullest. SunLife has a great selection of stories of what others are up to after 50. Do you have someone who is inspirational and over 50? I’d love you to tell me about it in the comments.

This post was written in collaboration with SunLife

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