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With a hint of spring in the air (if you ignore the snow we had in Scotland the last few days – what was that all about?!) and the lifting of restrictions starting I am continuing on my mission to get my family outside as much as possible. In our household parenting is so much easier when the kids have had a good dose of fresh air and a chance to really run around and play. Nursery and preschool helps to some extent, but the hours spent in the garden are really where they come in to their own.

I am very relieved that garden meet ups are allowed again, because it means that my boys can play with the cousins outside and get those much needed social interactions. With a fairy broad age range to entertain, I have been trying out some of the Gazillion Bubbles range to get the kids moving and (hopefully!) keep them busy in the garden.

The legs and feet of some children, standing on grass that is covered in bubbles
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Gazillion Bubbles Rollin’ Wave

Any parent who has stood around blowing bubbles for hours on end (or worse – handed the bubbles to the kids to try and instantly had the mixture all poured out on the floor) will know how boring it is. Bubble machines are my saviour when the kids ask for bubbles I pull out a machine as my trump card. The Rollin’ Wave bubble machine creates an instant wave of bubbles when you turn it on. Simply pour the mixture into the base and press the button to switch it on (and off again) and the bubbles are there almost immediately. The machine requires 3AA batteries that are not included.

A Gazillion Bubbles Rollin' Wave bubble machine
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The kids went wild as soon as I switched the Rollin’ Wave bubble machine on. I placed it in the middle of the lawn on a relatively windy day and the bubbles flew around everywhere. I was really impressed that it was able to work so well despite the wind and I know on a calm day our lawn is going to be littered with bubbles. The machine is designed for the bubbles to come out the top, rather than one of the sides, so they have a 360 degree spread. This was perfect for having so many kids running around, they didn’t crash into each other and were kept laughing and giggling as they worked out which way the bubbles would go next.

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The Rollin’ Wave machine comes with a 4oz. bottle of premium Gazillion Bubbles Solution which is great for getting started, but you will definitely need more very quickly. Bubble machines do use up a lot of bubble solution, but thankfully the Rollin’ Wave has been designed for minimal waste. Once you have finished using the machine you can use the spout to pour the unused mixture back in to the bottle, ready for the next time.

Gazillion Bubbles Sky Bubbles

As much as they enjoyed the bubble machine, all the kids were desperate to have a turn with the Sky Bubbles. It is designed to look a bit like a helicopter that you launch into the sky with a ripcord, leaving a stream of bubbles in its wake. The bubble solution (4oz bottle included) is poured into the spill proof base and the helicopter placed on top. One firm tug and it was off into the sky.

A child holding a sky flyer bubble toy
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The age guide suggests it is suitable from age 3+ however at 5 and 6 Zee and his cousin both struggled to get the Sky Bubbles going without help. My older nephew managed it at 8 years old, and the younger ones still had fun trying to catch it as it landed. The bubble stream wasn’t quite as impressive as you get with a bubble machine but the kids didn’t seem to mind. You do need a lot of space to use the Sky Bubbles – at one point we nearly lost it on to the roof of the house.

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I know that over the rest of this summer the boys are going to love playing with the Gazillion Bubbles toys, both with friends and alone in the garden. Let’s just hope for lots of dry weather for our outdoor activities! The Rollin’ Wave machine and Sky Flyer are both available at Argos now.

We were sent a Rollin’ Wave and Sky Bubbles by Gazillion and compensated for my time in creating this review. All words and opinions are my own.