This week it has suddenly dawned on me that we’re about to head off on holiday. I have been dreaming of sun since January and it felt like this trip was never going to come around. Last time we went off on holiday with Piglet he was 8 months old and, although he’s now 18 months, when I sat down to think about what I want to take for him I realised that a lot of them are the same.

We are off to a villa in Corfu, so that in itself should make things easier for us. We have our own pool and a little more space than we would have had in a hotel. But what are my toddler holiday essentials?

Top 5 Toddler Holiday Essentials | Unsure on what to pack for going abroad with your toddler? I have a list of things that i won't go away without

1. UV Protection Tent

The best way to protect a little one from sun damage is to keep them out of the sun. It’s not always the easiest thing to do though, so we are taking our own pop-up UV protection tent. It is super lightweight so it doesn’t take up much of our weight allowance.

It sets up in seconds and pops away into a bag when it’s not in use. They are perfect for on the beach, but also on poolside too for keeping little ones cool and out of the sun.

2. UV Protection Swimwear

I have no idea how parents used to cope without UV protection swimwear. Even though our swimming lessons at home are inside, Piglet is accustomed to wearing one in those too so on holiday it will be no different.

They can be a little difficult to get on and off when they’re wet, so we tend to buy a size up. They also has the added benefit of meaning the legs and sleeves are a bit longer meaning even more of the body is covered.

3. Life Jacket

When we swim at home Piglet doesn’t wear arm bands or any form of flotation device. He has my full undivided attention and 1 to 1 time in the pool. I have no fears because our time in or around the water is limited.

Holiday is a hole different set up. We will be around the water for much of the day and I have more concerns about Piglet slipping and falling into the pool. Of course, there will be 4 adults there to help keep an eye on him, but I’m not taking any risks!

We are taking a life jacket for Piglet to wear around the pool. I’m hoping it also means that he gains even more confidence when in the water too.

4. Favourite Bedtime Toy

This may seem obvious, but it can be a bit difficult for little ones to get off to sleep on holiday. The bed is different, they’re all hyped up from the excitement they’ve had during the day and they’re most likely sharing the room with you.

Last year we found that Piglet was so wiped from all the fresh air and fun that he slept like a log, but I’m not taking any chances. When he goes off to bed at night he has 2 toys that are always in his hand. We have a Jellycat monkey, who for some reason we call Oakley, and Ewan the Dream Sheep.

5. Teething Tools

Teething seems like a constant feature in our lives right now, and there is absolutely no reason that things will be any different on holiday. I always like to be prepared when we’re going abroad, making sure I have paracetamol and antiseptic with me.

On this trip I am also making sure I pack Ashton & Parsons teething powder. We are lucky that Piglet loves it and is more than happy to have it poured on to his tongue. It is featuring heavily in my packing as I don’t want to run the risk of a grumpy and in pain toddler while we’re away!