When we bought our home over 18 months ago we had grand ideas of how we wanted it to turn out. We knew exactly what we wanted to do….. and then our plans changed. It turns out asking a hormonal pregnant woman what she wants is never a good ideas.

That’s why we are only just finishing off the house renovations now. Within the next 6 weeks I will have a fully functional kitchen, actual real like floor boards and even new doors with handles that work! Living the dream eh? Not quite! Doing the amount of work we have been doing has had it’s downfalls – like living in a building site of a year or so.

In the spirit of looking on the bright side, I have thought up my top 5 unexpected benefits of doing home renovations!

5 Unexpected Benefits Of House Renovations | When you are doing up a house it can be hard to see past the dust and DIY. I've listed the 5 things that we didn't expect to appreciate while we're doing the work on our home https://oddhogg.com

1. No One Wants To Visit

Or if they do – you’ve got a ready made excuse. As soon as I mention there’s no floor down, or the cables hanging out of the walls, or the lack of radiators and heating most people go off the idea of popping over! That sounds really antisocial of me, I do actually like house guests…… just not TOO often.

2. No One Expects Your House To Be Tidy

With the contents of our kitchen in our spare bedroom, multiple sets of sofas stacked against the walls, we’re just not going to have a house that looks great. If someone does dare to set foot in the door they don’t expect it to be pristine. In fact – I highly recommend grubby clothes as you’re likely to touch something covered in builders dust.

3. More “Free” Meals

When anything major is going on (walls coming down, kitchens being torn out) we have de-camped to my mum and dad’s house. It is just around the corner from where we live and is generally safer for Piglet. Although a little frustrating at times – the amount of meals I have had to cook has taken a nose dive.

We’ve been living with an oven that doesn’t hold temperature and a teeny tiny corner of kitchen counter since early January. A simple lasagna from my mum feels like a gourmet meal right now. And hand in hand with that comes…..

4. On Site Child Care

JHogg and I popped out on Saturday night for dinner. Nothing fancy, just out to a chain restaurant, but it was time alone…. and it wasn’t as disastrous as previous date nights. My parents weren’t going out anyway so staying at home while Piglet slept made no difference to their night.

5. Reduced Outgoings

Our evenings are spent doing DIY….. so we don’t go out (it was ONE date night!). Our evenings are spent doing DIY….. so we don’t go out. We have been trying to cut back on spending anyway and that really helped.

On top of that – by moving out for a lot of the work we have been able to turn off our heating and hardly use any electricity. Every little helps!

In about 6 weeks we’ll be home again, and I’ll lose out on these “benefits” of house renovations. Handy as they’ve been – having our home back will be much better!

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