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Why My Children Share A Bedroom

Why my children share a bedroom | My toddler and baby share a bedroom even though we have a spare bedroom. I made the decision to have the siblings share a bedroom a long time ago but only just decided to make the move. Will sharing a bedroom help them sleep better? www.oddhogg.comLast week we finally took the plunge and moved JJ out of our bedroom and in to the boys shared room. He is 8 and a half months old, so really it is something we would have liked to have done quite a long time ago (Piglet moved to his own room when he outgrew his moses basket at 5 months old), but since he still wakes for a feed during the night I was worried about him waking Piglet and disturbing his sleep.

I was also a bit worried about Piglet’s reaction to the whole thing. The bedroom has been exclusively his for almost 3 years, so I wasn’t sure how he would take to having his brother sleep in there.

We have gotten away with JJ staying in with us for much longer than Piglet because this time around we used a bedside crib rather than a moses basket. I didn’t use it as a co-sleeper, simply as a slightly bigger bed to have in the room with us to give me easy access to JJ to feed during the night. It worked well for us, but over the last 6 weeks we have definitely felt ready to move JJ out and have our space back.

One of the questions I am being asked a lot at the moment is why are my boys sharing a room if we have a 3 bedroom house. I suppose it is a fair question, in most cases the children would take their own room if possible, but our house isn’t a standard layout. We are very lucky to have 3 quite large double bedrooms, however the 3rd bedroom is downstairs.

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When we bought this house I was pregnant with Piglet, and we hoped that in the future we would be able to have another baby, so from the very start we discussed the fact that the children would share a room. Towards the end of my pregnancy with JJ we rearranged the bedroom ready to accommodate him. Piglets bed has always been on the far side of the room, so we placed the cot for JJ nearest the door to give maximum distance between them and easy access for his (many) night time wake ups.

I should never have worried about Piglet not wanting to share his room. The first night we put them in together he was so happy to say goodnight to JJ in his cot and trot off to bed himself. Unfortunately JJ didn’t settle very well and I took him back to our room around 3am to let Piglet sleep. That in itself was a bit of a fail because then Piggie then got very upset and cried for me to bring his baby back – you can’t win with toddlers!

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Our spare bedroom downstairs is currently my work space (and is where we did the geometric feature wall that you all seem to love) but it is also set up for if we want to have guests. And for when one of the boys inevitably moves down there. Had we chosen to have a child in that bedroom it would not only mean I would be further away if they needed us in the night, but we would also have to tiptoe around in the evenings. It just wasn’t going to work for us!

Luckily the boys seem to have taken well to their new shared set up. JJ still wakes 2 or 3 times a night but it doesn’t seem to disturb Piglet. He seems to adore the routine of Daddy reading him a story while I feed JJ, and then giving him a kiss before I pop him in to the cot. The boys seem to have become very close over the last 2 months and I’m hoping sharing a bedroom will make sure that continues.

We have big plans for their bedroom over the next few years. Once JJ is ready to come out of his cot we hope to get them bunk beds so that they can have maximum play space in their room. It really is a huge bedroom, even with 2 of them in it, and I can envisage hours of playing (and fighting!) in there for years to come.

Why My Children share a bedroom | Brothers www.oddhogg.com

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