At 28 weeks pregnant the time has come to admit that we might need to start thinking about names for this little baby. If you have seen my gender reveal video you will know that it is a 2nd little boy for us, and as such we are finding the naming process quite difficult as we used the one boys name we could agree on the first time around.

On the other hand, there are lots of girls names that we love! As this is our last baby we won’t be using any of them (unless there is a big surprise for us at delivery!) so I’m ready to share with you the 10 baby girl names I love.

10 Baby Girl Names I Love (But Won't Be Using) | Since we are having our second baby boy we won't be using any of the girl names that we had fallen in love with

1. Aria

This is the name we had picked out to use if Piglet had been a girl. I have always loved it, ever since I was a child. I played music and liked the musical association with Aria. However, the rise of Game Of Thrones has made Arya and Aria a little too popular. So as much as I love it, even if this baby had been a girl we wouldn’t have called it Aria.

2. Olive

Olivia (and Oliver for a boy) has risen steeply in popularity in recent years. I think it’s a beautiful name, but I wouldn’t want to send my child to school where they’d be one of 3 Olivia’s in their class. I think Olive is a lovely variation on Olivia. It is slightly more unusual and less used than Olivia, but you can still use a lot of the same nicknames if you wanted to.

3. Jocelyn

Jocelyn was a strong contender for a name if this baby. It is a strong name, but still feminine at the same time. I love the nickname Josie to go with it too. I have only known of one Jocelyn so far in my life, and I knew of her rather than being friends with her. It’s not overly popular and I like that about it.

10 Baby Girl Names I Love (But Won't Be Using) | Baby bump

4. Annabelle

I love how pretty Annabelle is. I also like Annabella, but it is commonly shortened to Bella and the accent where we live in the North East of Scotland makes Bella sound like a very harsh name. And thats not something I would like for my child! Annabelle is lovely on it’s own though, and I like how soft and gentle it sounds.

5. Evelyn

Evelyn has been one of my favourite girls for a long time. I love it as it is, or shortened to Evie. It is quite a classic name without seeming old fashioned. Unfortunately JHogg was never keen on it, so he never considered it a real contender for a child’s name.

6. Freya

With boys names in particular, I have a tendency to gravitate towards Scottish names. Freya is a very popular name in Scotland (or Freja in the Norse) and is the only Scottish name on our baby girl name list. Although it is popular, it is not overly used in the area I live it so it is still a relatively unique name.

10 Baby Girl Names I Love (But Won't Be Using) | Fathers hand on baby bump

7. Jovi

When I was pregnant with Piglet JHogg suggested Jovi and I completely vetoed it. It wasn’t a name I was even willing to consider. Over time though it has grown on me, and before discovering this baby was a boy we were seriously considering Jovi as a girls name. The only thing holding me back is the fact that the only Jovi I know of is a character in Elf. Although it is my favourite film of all time….. I’m not sure I would want to name my child after a character from it!

8. Ryan

I pretty confident that JHogg thought I was joking whenever I suggested Ryan as a girls name. It appears that in the USA it is not that uncommon, but here in the UK it is a bit more unusual. I think it is a strong name that could be great on the right child. It is the sort of name that I said I would have to see what the baby looked like before committing to use it. But alas – JHogg was not a fan!

9. Matilda

It’s hard to hear the name Matilda without thinking of Roald Dahl, but that’s not the only reason I like it. I think it’s a pretty, feminine and lends itself to a few variations of nicknames too.

10. Cora

I love love love Cora, but “Cora Hogg” just does not sound right. I am a little gutted as it is such a beautiful name and I would have loved to have used it one day. As our surname is so short we both feel that a first name needs to have at least 2 syllables. Unfortunately Cora doesn’t fit that, but maybe I will use it for a goldfish!

10 Baby Girl Names I Love (But Won't Be Using) | Baby bump

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