If you are eager to get back to your traveling ways in 2021, the chances are that you have a wanderlust itch that you need to scratch. You might choose to venture to South America to trek the Inca Trail. Or perhaps you want to do a spot of temple hopping in the Far East. Or maybe a trip to Iceland to hunt for the Northern Lights is something that you want to tick off your travel bucket list. You need to consider the essentials that you should be taking on every trip to ensure you enjoy it to the max.


Yes, it may sound a tad boring when you have a trip to plan, but if you forget any medication that you need on your jaunt overseas, you could be in for a world of hurt. Consider the basics first. Even though you may be careful by only drinking bottled water and going vegan while on your travels, you still need to pack the diarrhoea treatment just in case the dreaded tummy trouble sneaks up on you. These tablets will help you to travel in more comfort and prevent any accidents if you need to be out and about. Think about your inhaler if you have asthma, don’t forget any contraceptive pills you may need, and think about mosquito spray and antiseptic cream. You also need to check the legalities of what you are taking to each destination. While something may seem mundane and normal in your home nation, it might be unusual in your destination.


The era of visa-less travel came to end decades ago but this hasn’t stopped travelers across the globe from forgetting or not bothering to make an appointment at an embassy or visa center before they travel. At least two months prior to your trip you should check visa requirements, especially if you are embarking on a mammoth and complicated multi stop tour. And don’t forget to check the validity of your passport. Many a seasoned traveler have been caught out at the airport when they head to passport control only to realize that theirs ran out the year before. Be prepared and plan early to ensure that you don’t get sent back home the moment you land at your destination.

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Even though you might want to go off the beaten track and go off grid for a little while, you still need a smartphone and GPS device for safety. This doesn’t mean that you will be updating your Facebook feed or Whatsapping your pals every two hours, but you can be safe should you get lost or should your vehicle breakdown. Some travelers love the idea of traveling solo and being totally alone for weeks at a time, but in reality this can be tough. A quick phone call to your mom or a great vista posted to Instagram can let your friends and family know you’re safe and will prevent you from feeling homesick if you are away for a long period of time.

Traveling should be fun and exciting. Pack these essentials to ensure that you get the most out of your trip.

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