There is a wide variety of problems and conditions that can affect our teeth and gums’ health. Although obviously, not everyone will suffer from them, certain oral diseases are more common than others. Therefore, they have a high prevalence among the population and are more likely than others to develop at some point in our lives.

Dental Cavities

Dental cavities have not only been positioned as the most common oral pathology. It is estimated that cavities affect 90% of the world’s population, so it would not be strange that you have already suffered from it on some occasions. Cavities are lesions produced by the corrosive action of oral bacteria, which destroy tooth tissues. They can develop at any age, from the moment the first baby teeth begin to erupt. Its appearance is directly related to oral hygiene, so the most effective way to prevent cavities is by maintaining good daily cleaning routines. Although some people have a greater genetic predisposition to suffer cavities, it is a factor that influences to a lesser extent. If you have tooth loss, you may want to look at dental implants.

Dental Fillings

The treatment to cure cavities is straightforward and involves making a filling or filling.

It is a procedure that consists of cleaning the cavity of the tooth in which the caries is, to later fill it with a material called composite. This substance very closely mimics the exact shade of the piece, so, even if it is done on the front teeth, it does not affect the smile’s aesthetics.

It is important to treat cavities as soon as we notice the first symptoms, which usually translate into pain or discomfort in the tooth and intense sensitivity. If you do not act quickly, cavities will continue to destroy the dental layers and will require a more complex intervention than a filling: a root canal or root canal treatment.

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Among oral diseases, gingivitis has a substantial prevalence globally, as it affects 59.8% of the population. Gum care seems to be a persistent problem since only 14.8% of adults between 35 and 44 years have healthy gums. As in the case of cavities, hygiene plays a fundamental role in the appearance of this problem. Gingivitis is included within the so-called periodontal diseases, and it is the initial phase. It is characterized by inflammation and redness of the gums caused by bacteria that develop due to the accumulation of plaque and tartar. 


Another of the most common mouth and tongue diseases is bad breath, which results in a set of unpleasant odors that come out of the oral cavity. Although there are two types of halitosis – oral and extraoral – its origin is found in the mouth itself in 90% of cases. In these cases, the unpleasant smell is mainly due to poor hygiene, tobacco, or periodontal diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis). That is why it is essential to know how to properly clean the tongue and the teeth and gums. Look after your teeth and they will look after you.

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