Nap time is a great time! This post lists 5 things that I do while my baby sleeps. I'd love to hear what other mums and dads get up to while their little ones are asleep.

Over the last month Piglet’s naps have become more predictable. This had made my life so much easier for planning my days and actually getting things done! Nap time soon became one of my favourite parts of the day.

I have a variety of things I like to do while my baby sleeps. Some are function and some are fun! Here are the top 5:

1. Have a Meal

Piglet has a morning nap before lunch. I have started choosing to eat my lunch early, as it means I eat it in peace. Back when I was working 11:30 was a perfectly acceptable time to go for lunch so I’m embracing that at home too! After Piglet has woken from his morning nap he has his lunch and then I try to get out and about to run our errands. If I haven’t eaten earlier then lunch tends to get skipped.

Similarly in the evening, the first thing I do once he’s gone to bed is make dinner for myself and JHogg. This has it’s flaws though, as on the nights that he struggles to get down to sleep we will end up eating quite late. Its the price we pay to eat without him with us.

I have written before about the food guilt I feel when Piglet is in the room with me while I eat. There’s something really nice about being able to eat without someone staring at me or shouting for some of it!

2. Tidy The Kitchen

I find that I can generally get on and tidy up in the living room while Piglet is awake, but as I can’t see him playing while I’m in the kitchen. As we have a dog it would be irresponsible to leave them alone in a room together so the kitchen gets neglected.

I am also a lot faster at tidying or cleaning when Piglet isn’t around. When he’s napping I want to crack on and get things out of the way so I can do something more enjoyable!

3. Have a Shower

I’m sure I’m not alone in this one! If Piglet is awake while I’m having a shower I tend to rush, conscious of what he is up to. If I know he’s likely to be asleep for a while I’ll hop in the shower and take my time, actually washing my hair properly. Luxury – I know!  Similarly, I can dry and style my hair. Even put on make-up!

Downfall of this one is it does mean I am often found in my pjs until 10am when Piglet goes down for this morning nap. Thankfully we don’t get many unexpected visitors otherwise they could be in for a shock!

4. Have A Nap

As the old adage goes – “sleep when the baby sleeps”

This is rare for me, but occasionally I just need a rest. Piglet sleeps generally quite well, so if we have a rough night it can hit me quite hard. We have been known to get into my bed together and have a lie down. Oddly, when he was at the newborn stage I don’t think I napped once!  I think it is because he is a bit more full on these days and wants entertained more than he can wear me out.

5. Catch Up On TV

JHogg and I have differing opinions on what makes for good television! That means I don’t often get to watch my programmes in the evening so I record them. When Piglet was younger I was able to spend my days snuggled with him on the sofa getting my fill of trashy telly, but these days he tends to object. Selfish – I know.

Theres only so many times I can watch the Jungle Book, so if the baby sleeps and everything else is done I can actually sit and watch what I want for once. Usually I’m eating my lunch or doing the ironing at the same time – but it’s better than never watching it at all!

So there you have it – 5 things I do while the baby sleeps. What do you get up to? Do you rush about doing chores? Or sit with a hot cuppa and enjoy the peace?

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