With all the cold weather I am dreaming of warmer climates. This week Lindsay from Step into Jordan is sharing 5 things to do in Jordan – and it’s giving me an urge to book a flight pronto.

Somewhere Free: Float at the Lowest Place on Earth

One of the things on most visitor’s bucket lists is to feel the weightlessness of floating at the Dead Sea. Perhaps they are also interested in the rich minerals found in the Dead Sea mud. Floating at the Dead Sea in Jordan does not cost any money. However, if you want to enjoy the luxuries of a shower and a pool with a view, you should consider staying at one of the Dead Sea hotels that have beach access so you can shower off after.

Somewhere for the Whole Day: Petra

Petra is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World for a reason! This ancient capital of the Nabateans remained hidden for hundreds of years as the ancient trade routes faded away in between conquests. The impressive Treasury and the Monastery buildings are the top two sights to see, but this massive site sprawls over 49 acres. It is full of hiking trails. I highly suggest taking a guide to explain to you many of the features of this ancient city, as well as its most recent history as the home to the bedul bedouins until they were relocated to a nearby village.

Petra in Jordan

Somewhere Outdoors: Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum boasts and out-of-this-world landscape and is a must-see while in Jordan. From the back of a 4×4 truck, a local bedouin will take you across the desert to see the ever-changing landscape of not just sand, but otherworldly mountains. Wadi Rum was used in recent blockbusters such as Aladdin, Star Wars and the Martian. Do not rush out of the desert before spending a night in a bedouin tent and enjoying sweet tea by the fire.

Somewhere to Eat: Hashem Restaurant

The most famous restaurant in Jordan is Hashem restaurant. Known for serving the king and any celebrity in town, this is one of the places you should have at least one meal while you are in Amman. Located downtown, this 24 hour restaurant serves vegetarian meals with some of the best falafel in Jordan. The menu is a set plate of hummus and other dishes and falafel and tea (or pop or water). It is an inexpensive place to enjoy what the locals eat in Jordan.

Somewhere for a Rainy Day: Mecca Mall

Although the chance of rain is quite low, it does rain in the winter and early spring in Jordan. If you happen to find yourself in Amman while it rains head to Mecca Mall and enjoy three floors of shopping! If you have kids, they will be sure to love Gravity Amman, an indoor trampoline park.

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