a black SodaStream machine next to a vase of lillies

Getting Fizzy With SodaStream Spirit | Review

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One of the things that people with diabetes hate is being told we can’t have something. I am a big believer in eating what I want and matching the insulin, but I do have a few exceptions. I rarely have a drink that isn’t low in carbohydrate, they make my blood sugars spike too high and it’s not worth it. Low sugar drink options are increasing, but there is still a big gap in availability between those and the full sugar options.

What Is SodaStream?

Over the last month we have been exploring whether SodaStream can help to fill that void. SodaStream have been around for as long as I can remember, but I’ve never owned one myself. Originating in England in the early 1900’s they are a well established brand making quality products.

A black SodaStream Spirit machine sits on a marble counter next to a vase of lillies
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The machines turn regular tap water in to a sparkling drink in seconds with just the push of a button. With reusable bottles and a selection of flavours you can make your own fizzy drinks at home in a more sustainable way.

How does the SodaStream Spirit work?

Getting the SodaStream Spirit set up took no time at all. There are no cables or anything to plug in, you just pop the carbon dioxide cartridge in the back and it’s ready to go. It comes with one large bottle, and you fill this up to the water line and pop it in. You then press the top between 1 and 5 times depending on how fizzy you like you drinks. I always go for a full 5 but JHogg is happy with 3-4.

A sodaStream bottle next to a glass of sparkling water
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The bottle has a lid, so you can put it in the fridge for later or take it out and about with you. It is a large bottle which makes it perfect for making drinks for more than 1 person, but if you would prefer smaller bottles then there are lots of available options.

A bottle of original lemonade cordial, next to a glass of the drink
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What Do We Think Of The SodaStream?

For My Blood Sugars

First and foremost, I am loving the option to have a fizzy drink at home without having to worry about big blood sugar spikes. The organic syrups and cordials have around 5g carb per 100ml – meaning your average 200ml glass is only 10g carbohydrate. When being drunk along side a meal (which is the best time for fizzy drinks as far as your teeth are concerned!) that 10g doesn’t make a huge impact on my blood glucose levels in the same way alternatives do.

A bottle of grapefruit cordial and a bottle of classic lemonade cordial
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For The Environment

Our plastic waste has definitely reduced since introducing the SodaStream. We usually had one 2L bottle of juice per week, which isn’t a huge amount, but that is 52 over the course of a year and suddenly it seems a lot more! Being able to make our own drinks at home in smaller, reusable bottles means we have less overall waste.

a black SodaStream machine next to a vase of lillies

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For Us

Using the SodaStream at home has been really simple, and both JHogg and I reach for it regularly. I do wish that the bottles were suitable for use in the dishwasher as I find them a little difficult to clean by hand, but you can purchase a brush from them which would make it a little easier.

The system is compact and doesn’t intrude on our kitchen space. It has really quickly become part of our routine to use it, proving just how easy it is.

Looking down on a glass of lemonade, a bottle of cordial and a bottle of fizzy water
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We were sent a SodaStream Spirit and 2 cordials for the purposes of carrying out a review. All words and opinions are my own.

130 thoughts on “Getting Fizzy With SodaStream Spirit | Review”

  1. my daughter for her 3 children, would save her loads of money not having to buy bottles of pop, and would be great for the enviroment

  2. Much as I’d love to keep it, I think I would have to give it to my grandchildren as a way for them to help reduce waste and help them understand the importance of living a more environmentally friendly life.

  3. I would gift this to my brother who is celebrating his big 50 we used to always have soda stream treats at the weekend growing up so this would be a great retro style gift for his big birthday

  4. Without a doubt, I’d keep it for myself! I’m trying to increase my water intake, but find “normal” tap water boring. It would be fantastic to win this … x

  5. I would keep for myself as I use 2 to 3 plastic one use shop bought soda water bottles a day so this would be just perfect. Thank You!

  6. I’d keep it for myself. I’ve wanted one ever since I first saw the ‘Get busy with the fizzy’ add when I was a teeneager(ish).

  7. I would keep it for myself as being prediabetic it will really help me to stay on track by cutting out more carbs but not missing out on my fizzy drinks. Merry Christmas and thank you for the chance to win. Fingers crossed

  8. My family have begged for a Soda stream for a couple of years now . After they visited a friend and had a rather explosive time in her kitchen with her soda stream. This would be the perfect Christmas Gift.

  9. My friend Emma. She’s a bit of a diet coke fiend and concerned about the number of plastic bottles she uses, so this would be great to eliminate the problem

  10. I’d keep it myself, as a child my dad had one and I loved it, I loved watching the juice fizz and I loved the taste, now I’d love to show my own child how brilliant they are

  11. oh wow, what an amazing giveaway 💕🤞🏻💕🤞🏻 I would give this to my step son as he has been asking for one for ages.

  12. I would give this to my partners daughter , Ella . She has 4 children under the age of 14 , so I know they would get a lot of good use out of this !

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