When we jetted off on holiday with Piglet last year it was, for want of a better word, easy. He was 8 months old and still breastfed. I simply fed him during take-off and landing, played and sang to him a bit during the flight and he slept the rest of the time. It was about as stress free as flying with a baby can be.

This year was a whole different kettle of fish! At 18 months old, Piglet has a mind of his own and an independent streak that gets him into all sorts of trouble. I was pleasantly surprised at how well behaved he was on the flight in the end – but I was still armed will all sorts to pre-empt any potential situation.

5 Tips For Flying With A Toddler | We went on a short haul flight with our 18 month old and have compiled our tips and tricks for making it a smooth flight https://oddhogg.com

1. Bring A Bottle

For the last 6 months Piglet has only been having a bottle at bedtime. They are banished during the day, and his morning milk is given in a cup. You can take milk for infants through security (they are exempt from the 100ml liquid limit) and so I took a bottle of milk for Piglet to drink during take off. Not only that, I bought more milk once we were through security so I could refill his bottle for landing.

You might be wondering why I was so keen to fill him up with milk, but what I was really looking for was the sucking action. By having Piglet sucking on a bottle it meant his ears popped easily and he didn’t appear to be affected by the changes in pressure. It also kept him stationary for the times he had to have his seat belt on.

2. Food

My hand luggage was jam packed with snacks. I picked items to take that would make the least mess. My go to item when Piglet is being difficult and I need to to be relatively still is food – and I assumed the plane would be no different!

In my bag I had:

3. Tablet

We have a Galaxy Samsung tablet, a mini one, which rarely gets used at home. We tend to use our phones or the laptop most of the time. There was question of us not taking it on holiday with us though – I was relying on it for the plane. We have a few digital copies of movies, so we popped them onto an SD card for Piglet to watch up in the air. It was a life saver.

4. Books

I had lots of toys in my bag for Piglet, but the most important ones were books. Anything with a flap seems to hold his attention. A story combined with the milk made take off and landings a breeze.

5. Break The Rules

Up in the air with hundreds of other passengers is not the time to start laying down the law. I don’t usually let Piglet have a bottle during the day, but he got it on the plane. He isn’t usually allowed to have as many snacks as he wants, but he was on the plane. He’s not usually allowed to watch movies one after another, but he was on the plane.

We did anything to make for an easy flight. The rule book went out the window and we just went with the flow. And that is my biggest tip of all!

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