For some reason, whenever I thought of Piglet’s 1st birthday I always thoughts of a wigwam or teepee. I don’t know if it’s because they seem to be in “fashion” at the moment, or that I wish I’d had one growing up, or just because I know his room is big enough to take it. I just wanted him to have one!

When his birthday rolled around we only gave him 2 things. The first was a set of Peppa Pig Weebles, and the 2nd was the Aztec Wigwam Play Tent from Big Game Hunters. Anyone who read my posts in the run up to Christmas will know my views on buying children lots of presents, but I was pretty excited to have the tent arrive and set up for him to play in.

Aztec Wigwam Review | For Piglet's 1st birthday we got him a teepee. We've been road testing it to see how it stands up to the toddler test

The wigwams are designed to be suitable for use outside, but let’s be realistic. I live in the North East of Scotland. No sooner would I have gotten it set up then the rain would have come and ruined the fun! That is fine by me though as I have been envisioning a cosy reading corner.


When I first got it out of the box I had a mild panic – I won’t lie. But I have a Masters Degree in Engineering, so I figured I’d better be able to work it out! It turned out to be pretty simple once I got going. Even my little buddy got in on the action…… I may have been quicker without his help though!

Blue Aztec Wigwam | Set-up

The poles come in 2 parts so you just need to slot them together. The canvas covering is all in one piece and the instructions guide you in how to correctly insert the poles and tie the top.

I love the pattern on the side. It is really bright and adds a great splash of colour to Piglet’s predominately grey bedroom.

Aztec Wigwam | Pattern

I opted to put a blanket and some toys into the wigwam, but if it were to be used outside you wouldn’t need any of that. I’m hoping we’ll get it out for a bit over the summer, but in the mean time I want to get some cushions and make it even cosier!

Aztec Wigwam | Empty teepee

The Play Test

Piglet didn’t really know what to make of it at first, which is unsurprising. At 1 he is not really in the target age for a wigwam, but I know he is going to grow to love it. As always when I want to get a good idea of how popular I called in for some reinforcements – two of my nephews!

The both made a beeline for it as soon as they got into Piglet’s bedroom.

Aztec Wigwam | Boys in teepee

As I hoped, the youngest decided it was a great spot for reading a book or two. It probably helped that he’s a bit of a bookworm, but he was quite happy in there.

Aztec Wigwam | Book

The Verdict

I see this wigwam getting a lot of use! Once we’d all had a play with it my sister and I suggested we took a walk to the park but both boys were reluctant to go – we had to bribe them to leave with donuts. Even Piglet has been warming up to it and voluntarily crawls in for a look around a couple of times a day.

Aztec Wigwam | Piglet in teepee

It was easy to put together, and the quality of the wigwam is great. I can see it lasting through years of play!

We were sent the wigwam for the purposes of a review. All views and words are my own.