Piglet had his 1st birthday last month and was totally spoilt by friends and family. He received loads of fab clothes and toys! Most of our family already have children and so I guess for them they already had a pretty good idea about what would be suitable for a 1 year old.

Not everyone has had experience with kids though, and I’m sure for first time parents and relatives alike it can be tough to know what sort of thing to buy for a birthday. Below are the top 8 items that Piglet has been playing with since his 1st birthday!

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1. My First Workbench

Piglet has been loving this Little Tikes My First Workbench. It appears to be out of stock everywhere which is a real shame as it is a big hit. He hasn’t mastered using it yet, and more often than not knocks it over – but he’s getting there!

1st Birthday Gift Guide | Little Tikes My First Workbench https://oddhogg.com

All of the parts move. You can remove the tools and use them to hammer in nails or turn screws. The saw goes back and forth, and the faux wood moves back and forth too to line up with the drill.

The drill is definitely Piglet’s favourite part of the workbench. When you pull the handle it lights up and makes an extremely irritating noise. He has already put it to great use one day when Daddy had a bad hangover – clever Piglet!

1st Birthday Gift Guide | Little Tikes My First Workbench Drill https://oddhogg.com

2. Weebles

I got a whole pile of Peppa Pig Weebles from my sister to give to Piglet. I wasn’t sure whether he would be old enough at first, but he has loved them right from the start.

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He has the Wind and Wobble Play House in purple, as well as 2 of the Push Along Wibbly Car. He has always been keen on cars, but having one he can put things in to easily has made for lots of play time!

3. Shape Sorter

This one was a request I made on Piglet’s behalf for. He loves putting things into drawers and cupboards so I thought a shape sorter would be ideal. My sister gave him the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise, and although he still needs a lot of help to do the actual shape sorting he loves taking the lid off and putting things in.

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It is now the first place I look if I can’t find something. It is usually stuffed with weebles, socks, puzzle pieces and the occasional shape! He will spend quite a long time taking the lid on and off and removing items, just to place them back in again. Most kids I’ve known have gone through this phase at one point or another so this is a fab toy to give them somewhere appropriate to put things.

4. Drive and Discover Police Car

Car’s in any form have been popular with Piglet for a while now. He seems to like wheels and pushing them along. The standard toot toot driver cars are the wrong size for his pudgy little hands, but the Drive and Discover Police Car is great for him to get busy with. It has the same irritating catchy song, but a few added extras to play with too including flaps and buttons.

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5. A Drum

I never thought I’d be recommending a noisy toy, but the Little Tikes Spin n Hit Drum has been a big hit. It has two settings so you can swap between a drum noise and a musical sound, and as you spin it the top lights up and the music gets faster.

1st Birthday Gift Guide | Little Tikes Spin n Hit Drum https://oddhogg.com

Piglet really surprised me with the drum. Rather than bashing away on it, he prefers to just use one finger to poke at it to get the music going. It is super cute and I’m enjoying it while it lasts!

1st Birthday Gift Guide | Little Tikes Spin n Hit Drum being hit by Piglet https://oddhogg.com

6. Never Touch A Monster

We have been a fan of the “That’s Not My….” range for a while now, but I have found the sensory bits start to get a bit same-y. Never Touch A Monster has proven to be really popular, and the rubber sensory patches keep Piglet coming  back for more! It is a cheap and cheerful gift.

1st Birthday Gift Guide | Never Touch A Monster https://oddhogg.com

7. Little Life Back Pack

Piglet isn’t walking yet, so we haven’t been able to use it, but I love his new Little Life Back Pack with Reins. It has enough space for a nappy, wipes and a small change of clothes and I can’t wait to be able to leave the house for the park with just that. The reins will give Piglet the freedom to walk around, while still keeping him safe and close to us.

1st Birthday Gift Guide | Little Life Backpack with Reins https://oddhogg.com

8. Horse and Carriage

We don’t have this one – but I just think it is amazing. The Little Tikes Princess Cozy Chariot is sure to get any little one excited! And if it’s not up their street you could always look at the Cozy Coupe Truck instead – or any of the others in the range for that matter.

So there you have it – my top 8 recommendations for a 1st birthday present. Do you have a must-have item you think I should have included?

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