Have you ever wondered whether the present you have bought a child was really appreciated? Did you questions whether it was suitable? Annoying? Terrifying? I’ve got the answers!

Best of the Worst - The Christmas Present NOT To Buy | Have you ever wondered whether the present you have bought a child was really appreciated? Did you questions whether it was suitable? Annoying? Terrifying? I've got the answers! https://oddhogg.com

I am a proud Auntie to 7 nieces and nephews. Over the last 11 years I’ve been happily picking out the most irritating presents I could find. What kid doesn’t want a loud and annoying Barbie Keyboard for their 2nd birthday?!?

Now though, I have Piglet. Retaliation is a genuine possibility. In fact, I’d said it it a definite. I am bracing myself for the most horrific gifts my siblings can find for Piglet.

I’m sorry to mention the C word in November, but Christmas will be here soon enough! In the spirit of preparing myself, I asked around for what some of the worst gifts that had been given to kids. This is what I found:


Ashleigh from 3 Girls Mummy“My 1 year old got a packet of Peppa Pig knickers for her birthday in 9-12 months. I didn’t know they did knickers that small… that and my 1 year old is in 18-24 and no where near potty training!”

I think this is hilarious. I’m quite tempted to buy all the little ones knickers this year in the hope I can start a trend of really boring gifts instead!

Christmas Themed Gifts

Maria from Happy Mummy“I hate it when people buy ‘Christmas themed things. Miss H got bought a pack of 500 Christmas themed stickers last year, she only used a few over the festive period as we were out a lot then she wanted to stick them everywhere in January! In the end I put them away for this year”

I’ve definitely been guilty of this myself. One year I bought my nephew a horrific dog in the santa hat that sings Jingle Bells. It drives everyone bonkers! They bring it out every year though and he plays with it though so it can’t have been that bad of a present.

Drum Kit

Steph from Mental Parentals“My brother was always the giver of worst presents…. An actual drum kit with cymbals (wtf was he thinking?!) for his 2nd birthday. He’s just had his first child… I’m getting my own back.”

Laura from Five Little Doves“A drum kit, for obvious reasons! My parents thought it would be hilarious for our son to torment us as much as I tormented them! I had the last laugh after a few months when I convinced him it would be better to leave it at their house for when he stayed over!!”

If Piglet were to be given a drum kit JHogg would love it! He’d be just as bad as Piglet with it, if not worse.

I know my sister has conveniently left a few toys at my parents to be played with there, definitely keeping my options open for that 😉

Noisy Toys

Karen from monkey-feet: “A singing duck…. No seriously, a duck which was named demon devil duck because it didn’t have an off and would randomly go off in the middle of the night!!! Scared the actual… Out of me”

Emma from Emma And 3“A bloody Furby. Couldn’t shut the thing up! Had to put it in the garage in the end!!”

Sarah from Run Jump Scrap“A penguin from my nan last Christmas. It sings a random version of ‘cold as ice’. So flipping annoying. We hate it and our eldest knows it!! She presses it to bug us. I’m wondering if Santa can take it this year?!!”

Louise from Pink Pear Bear“One of my besties gave my son a kazoo just as we got in the car for a long journey! She was demoted to ‘acquaintance’ after that!”

Kate from Along Came Poppy“A musical mock CD player thing which layered rhythms on top of each other – sounds great? No blooming off switch”

Natalie from Crummy Mummy:Melissa & Doug Puzzle  it makes a noise of the vehicle when you fit the correct piece but has no on/off switch and for some reason the ambulance siren goes off when we switch anything else in the house on or off. It drives me crackers!”

Getting something really loud and annoying is definitely my forte. Isn’t that an aunt prerogative? I don’t want Piglet to be given any of those though….. I could be in trouble.

Creepy Toys

Rachel from Coffee Cake Kids“This! My grandmother genuinely thought it was a ‘nice’ present for my son’s 4th birthday! It’s bloody terrifying. It laughs and his eyes light up. Kids thought it was brilliant though. He fell asleep cuddling it on his birthday. I swear it watches me when I’m in his room”

Best Of The Worst - Christmas Present Not To Buy | Creepy Clown https://oddhogg.com

Natalie: My son got bought a rocking horse by my mother in law, it was incredibly creepy looking and was second hand from a charity shop with green stains all over it. It sang a song when you pressed it “I’m a little pony, clippity clop clippity clop, just a little pony” in theeeee creepiest voice ever. It lives in our attic and has never ever seen the light of day again…”

This would probably be my worst nightmare. I am a big baby and either of those would creep me out and have to make a swift exit from the house!

Crafting Supplies

Gina from Skint Momma: “Stickers! I HATE STICKERS!! My daughter loves them, but has sensory issues. She will stick them everywhere.  All over her body, the walls (chipping the paint) and the floor (do people know how hard stickers are to get off the floor?)”

Lisa from That British Betty: “Crafting goodies! When they were little, my house constantly looked like a glitter bomb had exploded. Peeling PVA glue, stickers and paint off the cat is not that much fun for either of us ;)”

Nyomi from Nomipalony“I really hate playdoh. You have to help them with it, they mix up the colours, it gets in my carpet and everywhere. They forget to put the lids on then get upset when it dries out. It also makes me deeply aware of how unartistic I am. My kids love it and have asked for more for Christmas, can I blame Santa when none comes?”

I know my sisters hate receiving playdoh as a present. Stickers have always seemed ok, but I gave them all temporary tattoos on holiday recently and I was not very popular!

So there you have it – the best of the worst! When you’re looking for a present for a little one maybe steer clear of some of these……. or maybe you should seek them out!

Has your child been given a present that you can’t stand?

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