5 Thoughts I had in a Nightclub as a Mum

I recently went to a nightclub. An actual nightclub. This is the first time I was actually properly in there since having Alexander. I was “technically” in one a few months ago as part of my friends hen party…. but I lasted all of 10 minutes before calling JHogg to come and pick me up. Then I went home and threw up. Classy.

So this is the first time that counts right?

In my totally plastered semi-drunken state I was surprised to have a number of thoughts cross my mind. Some still made sense the following day…… some not so much. Here are the top 5.

5 Thoughts I Had In A Nightclub Now I Am A Mum | Ever wondered what it is like to go to a club on a night out as a parent? I gave it a go recently - and here are the thoughts I had

1. “I am so old”

This is probably the least surprising of them all. Its a thought I’ve had in many a nightclub  in the past. Once, when I was at uni, I actually asked someone for ID to prove his age. Not my finest moment – but I did not believe that guy was 20!

I was surprised by how young the people in there were. I am not old by any stretch, but I had a good 10 years on a lot of the others. Some of them looked like actual children……. in fact they probably were! I felt like some form of weird nightclub mum.

2. “This is going to hurt tomorrow”

Sure, we’ve all had that thought before, but it has a whole to realm of meaning now we have Piglet. There’s no more lying in bed till tea time, long showers (most likely sat on the floor) and trashy TV. Piglet is up early. He does not care about my hangover.

JHogg was on baby duty for the next day, but I’m not the type of person who can just lie in bed if I can hear Piglet fussing. Unfortuneately, this thought did not stop me drinking though….. and I definitely paid for it the next day!

3. “This vodka is disgusting”

I have drunk many a vodka in my time. Some are nice, some are like paint stripper. But that has never stopped me – add some diet coke and I was happy as larry.

It turns out that in my “old age” I have lost my talent for drinking rancid vodka. I ditched the vodka after 1 and went onto gin and tonic. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be ordering gin in a nightclub. How times have changed!

4. “What even is this song?”

I’ve never claimed to be the most up to date with music, but I did used to know the chart songs at least. When I was working I would often listen to the radio at my desk, or on my commute, and would be at least vaguely in the know.

Since having Piglet I am not working, and have no intention of returning any time soon. We don’t listen to the radio very much at home and my time in the car is usually pretty short. As a result I have absolutely no idea what most of the songs from the last 12 months are. I am that out of date. How embarrassing.

5. “I need to do this more often”

I was out with a group of friends I don’t see very often. 3 of us are mums, and to say we enjoyed our night out was an understatement. We had a lovely tea, some drinks in a bar and then stumbled into the club. It was fab.

I’m not saying I want to start clubbing every weekend….. it’s not really my scene if I’m honest. But getting out, seeing friends and leaving the baby behind does need to be more of a priority. Piglet will always be there waiting for me when I get home, and sometimes I just need to go out and be me again.

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  1. // Reply

    I havent been to a club for many many years i would say i definitely am past it now lol

    1. // Reply

      I am waaaaaaay past it. But it was fun as a once off. I’ll stick to pubs next time haha

  2. // Reply

    Lol I could have written this post. I’m 35 and I’ve only been out out a handful of times since having my two youngest kids and my God I feel so old when I’m out out, especially when I look at what some of the girls are wearing and think “F me, they must be freezing”. I also don’t recognise any of the songs that are played and I suffer horrendously the next day. I never had a hangover until I hit my thirties, now they seem to get doubly worse with every year I get older.


  3. // Reply

    I miss my clubbing days, but I agree with the “too old” and “how did I do this back in the day?” Haha!

    1. // Reply

      It reinforced my thoughts that I wasn’t missing out on anything by not clubbing. I do miss the pub though

  4. // Reply

    Love it! ? Reminds me I have a post on draft about mums’ nights out. This made me chuckle! I always get chatted up by young guys (boys). I find myself uttering words I never thought I would, but half in jest: “I’m old enough to be your mum!” What makes me feel really old is they tell me they’re 20. And I think. If I had you at 16, I could be! ?
    Kat | Kitty recently posted…4 Steps to a perfect base: Real Techniques Base Core CollectionMy Profile

    1. // Reply

      Haha yup I’ve had those discussions! I swear they are children!

  5. // Reply

    I don’t think I could do a night club these days LOL. I really AM feeling so old lately (I’m 31) I look back and wonder how I did it when I was younger lol! #PickNMix

  6. // Reply

    At 25 I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be passed it but I certainly am! Since having Rory I’ve been out a handful of times but only once to a club. One of my childless friends kept me hostage there until the very early hours (I’m pretty sure it was nearly daylight when she finally agreed to go home) and it isn’t something I’ll be doing again in a hurry! #picknmix
    Becky recently posted…Hi, my names Becky and I’m a failure!My Profile

    1. // Reply

      I’m 27 so only got a few years on your and I know I’m passed it now! Kids just does that too you I think

    1. // Reply

      I’m definitely done with clubs for a while…… but I’ll no doubt be back eventually!

  7. // Reply

    LMAO yas! These thoughts are so relatable, I swear. Thanks for sharing!


  8. // Reply

    LOL you’re speaking my mind! Especially losing the capability of slamming rancid vodka. Adulting is hard. Sigh. Found you on #PicknMix and can already tell I’m going to love your blog.
    WebMDiva recently posted…That Time I VajazzledMy Profile

    1. // Reply

      I used to be able to knock it back no problem but the struggle is so real now. Hope to see you back here soon!

  9. // Reply

    Agggh I wouldn’t even know where to begin with clubbing now adays!!! So much more at home in a cocktail bar!! But those thoughts that you had still go through my head! Particularly the songs (seriously does no one write proper song these days!) and also the I am so old!

    But despite all of that I am still with you on the I need to do this more often!!!

    Loved this!

    1. // Reply

      Definitely think a cocktail bar is more my scene. It was fun for a night though!

  10. // Reply

    Yes! I went on my works christmas do last night and very much kept thinking how much my feet were going to hurt rather then my head. I have not worn heels nearly enough recently to warrant 4 hours of dancing in them!! I also thought I should do it more but I will be probably be out again next xmas and not before! #PicknMix xx
    Rachel recently posted…Little Lady – An UpdateMy Profile

    1. // Reply

      I’m useless in heels these days – I’ll admit on this night out I cheated and had flat shoes on

  11. // Reply

    A couple years ago we went to a club for a concert. All I could think about was how loud it was and how long it took to get a drink. And how late it was (you know – it was 10 o’clock after all!!). I imagine that I would probably be surprised by the clothes… or lack thereof…

    1. // Reply

      10 o clock!! That’s way past bedtime!

  12. // Reply

    I love this! It is SO super important for mums to grab some well earned ‘me time’ and although i never go to nightclubs I am a fan of gigs in pubs and cocktail bars for sure! I think its lovely t go out with fellow Mamas too as they understand your plight… great post! I have shared on Twitter too as I love it so <3 #thelist

    1. // Reply

      Thank you – I’m glad you liked it!

  13. // Reply

    Pretty sure if I went out to a nightclub which I have done for years now (definitely old) then I would have very similar thoughts. Sounds like you had a fab night and I definitely agree about prioritising nights out with the girls, something I need to do myself! Thanks for linking up with us last year, look forward to seeing you link up again with us this year. Emily #MarvMondays
    My Petit Canard recently posted…3 Steps To Getting Your Life Back!My Profile

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