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Different Types Of Laser Hair Removal Treatment For Body Hairs

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People grow body hair due to hormonal changes that take place during puberty. However, such hair growth can go haywire if the person faces any hormonal imbalances. Hair growth on different parts of the body can prove to be a hygienic as well as a cosmetic concern depending on people’s choices and professions. Although there are invasive procedures for this cause, people prefer non-invasive solutions based on laser light.

This technique is regarded as an effective and permanent hair removal solution. Different variants of this idea pertain to different cases related to the patient. Let us look at some of them:-

Alexandrite Technique

This technique is considered amongst the most popular treatments for using laser light to remove body hair. It causes less pain than other similar treatments. However, most physicians consider them to be painless. They generally recommend this form for lighter skin tones.

This technique uses laser lights of a shorter wavelength. Such beams are not able to penetrate into the deeper layers. To ensure that it brings out an effective solution, physicians generally recommend multiple sessions of it. Even if the patient might feel it to be complete, its effects are long-lasting.

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Diode Laser Technique

This technique is comparable to the previous one. It uses longer wavelength laser light of longer wavelength to ensure that it penetrates deeper. Most technicians recommend it for patients with darker skin color or with coarse hairs.

This solution is considered quite versatile in its inclusion of different advancements to lessen the pain. In fact, the most updated version is considered almost pain-free. It requires a lesser number of sessions than other variants, although it depends on the case.

Ruby Laser Treatment

This technique is regarded to be the most primitive amongst this group of treatments. It works better on lighter skin color than the darker ones. It is more effective on finer hair than coarse hairs. It is also slower than other similar techniques. Several researches have been conducted on the results and side effects associated with this treatment.

Some of the side effects include redness, sunburns, swelling, etc. However, none of these effects are permanent, and they never get serious. You can apply some cold compress or moisturizers to get some relief if these side effects develop.

A woman's legs hanging out of a car window on a dirt rode.
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Nd and LP Nd: YAG

Most physicians advise this solution mainly for coarser and thicker hair types. Patients with darker skin color are also advised. Although people with lighter skin color or finer hair type are also being treated in this manner, the results are found to be mostly ineffective.

When compared to other techniques, this one uses laser light that has the longest wavelength. Therefore, the laser beam can reach the deepest regions in the skin and destroy the hair follicles. It comes as a permanent solution after a number of sessions.

These are some of the commonly used laser techniques applied for hair removal solutions. Most laser treatment centers have these facilities. Talk to the ones nearest to you and explain your condition. Get the best solution for your hair growth from these experts

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